#haskell - Thu 29 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:10

sjanssenthe idea that windows are fundamentally attached to screens bothers me a bit
dmwitWhat do you mean?
sjanssens/are/would be in the other model
Yes, but it should still be fine to allow a window to get thrown to another screen.
Yank it off all the workspaces for one screen, put it on the visible workspace of another screen...
another option is to only implement partial tagging
ie a window has exactly one tag, but a screen has a set of them
dmwitThen restrict screens to mutually exclusive tag sets, I guess?
That's interesting.
sorearI suppose "A window appears on the lowest-numbered screen it could appear on" is unacceptable?
sjanssensorear: that is also an option
sorearor, hehe, create proxy windows to subvert the X11 limitation
sjanssendmwit: yeah, trying to add a tag owned by another screen could either steal the tag or switch focus to the screen that currently owns it
sorearI suppose that would be a sizable fraction of 400loc, though :)
dmwitI have a hard time weighing the options, because for me, I hardly ever use full tagging or move windows between screens.
These are the two problem scenarios, so how can I compare which is more common?
sjanssensorear's greedy screen might be the best option
dmwitBut the code for this isn't as pretty. ;-)
sjanssendmwit: how do you use tags in dwm?
jcreighdmwit: pong
dmwitFor me, each window has exactly one tag, and exactly one tag is visible.
sjanssenokay, so you don't care about tags
dmwitjcreigh: We're discussing how to do screens/workspaces in Xinerama.
sjanssenjcreigh: do you use tags?
dmwitsjanssen: Right, but I want that it should do the right thing for somebody else.
jcreighsjanssen: naw
Maybe tags are too complex for people to use?
actionjcreigh starts to read scrollback
jcreighstarts to read scrollback
sjanssenI've only been asked for tags by glguy, so I'm inclined to table the issue until glguy feels like contributing to xmonad
dmwitOh, has glguy done dwm/wmii before?
sjanssenglguy is a dwm user
edwardki'd pipe up for tags but my level of usage is probably exceeded by the overhead of implementing them =P
dmwitedwardk: How do you use them?
edwardkcurrently i don't =)
dmwit... four votes against. =D
edwardkhence why my level of usage would be exceeded by the overhead of implementation =)

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