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donsDSL + fast threads + bytestring network IO == rails profit?
actionrahikkala looks at the most used words list
rahikkalalooks at the most used words list
qwrhaskelldb too?
donsah right. db backends. persistence via Data.Binary
rahikkala"lambda" isn't there :( ... I guess we're all just too used to \
rag3dons: and shit lots of Marketing
and marketing
the technical aspects are pretty easy, as far as I can see.
bosdecent database integration, automated derivation of code with TH, good networking.
donsand should in fact be nicer in haskell, given fast concurrency, and good DSL support
LoganCapaldoand clever screencasts that create blogs in short periods of time
thats the most vital part
Calebos: It's possible that some functional dependencies would help it infer the desired types there.
bos: One problem is that it can't possibly know which s to use.
rag3ok so here I've a question. Does Haskell uses multiple processors available? Ruby doesn't really.
monochromrag3: I particularly like "Bottoms Are Forever", "iterate Never Dies", and "unsafePerformIO Is Not Enough". :)
bosCale: hmm, don't know enough about fundeps to cause things to work.
donsrag3, yes. smp support is built into ghc 6.6
Calerag3: yes. You can even adjust the number of processors to use on the commandline to your compiled app.
donsrag3, so e.g. run your app on a 16 core box with +RTS -N16
bd_rag3: yes, if you use GHC 6.6, build with -threaded, and run with +RTS -N<number of processors> . And code in such a way that it has work for them :)
donsand you get 16 cores :-)
monochromIt is arguable that "RealWorld# Is Not Enough" is even better. :)
Calebos: perhaps something like e -> r s
donshaskell's supported multiple processors since around 1990 in one form or another
rag3damn! You don't want me to get any sleep, do you?
bosCale: whoa!
Calebos: Which means that there's a single r and s for each endpoint type e.
bosit works. but i don't know why! ah.
donsrag3, I run my threaded haskell apps on a 16 way machine, which works rather nicely
actionLoganCapaldo continues to successful procrastinate
LoganCapaldocontinues to successful procrastinate
rahikkalaFrom IO With Love
LoganCapaldoI need to disable irc
CaleIt will not let you write multiple instances of Endpoint for a given e though.
LoganCapaldo@slap LoganCapaldo
lambdabotwhy on earth would I slap LoganCapaldo
bosthat would be bad.
LoganCapaldo@slap LoganCapaldo
actionlambdabot slaps LoganCapaldo
lambdabotslaps LoganCapaldo

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