#haskell - Mon 19 Feb 2007 between 01:04 and 01:11

NY Lost Funds

sorearWhat is the target email address?
dons: correct.
yhc 176.043 seconds (1.0 x)
lambdabotTitle: Index of /~dons/code/nobench/spectral/ansi
falconairI'm trying to understand Johan Jeuring's paper "Incremental algorithms on lists." This paper is from 1991, are there any more recent papers that discuss the same ideas ... perhaps with haskell examples?
donslooks like it has some parser bugs too
sorear: ok. looks good. want to send me the yhc support patch? and maybe find out where getArgs lives ?
soreardons@cse.unsw.edu.au ?
soreartoo bad I can't send a patch to addfile _darcs/prefs/email :)
donsgood idea...
actionsorear checks versions
sorearchecks versions
sorearstefan@stefans:/usr/local/src/nobench$ yhc --version
yhc: The York Haskell Compiler version (unversioned)
donsso it should be possible to get a couple more yhc things running
that'll do i guess
sorearhow's that for a version string!
actionsorear ponders using yhc -help | cksum
sorearponders using yhc -help | cksum
nornagon$ apt-cache search yhc
bd_Isn't it not yet stable enough for production use?
sorearYou know you've been a haskell too long when
stefan@stefans:/usr/local/src/nobench$ last /usr/local/src/yhc/_darcs/patches/*.gz

wtmp begins Thu Feb 1 07:14:37 2007
bd_, not even close by the looks of it.
in fact, i'd argue only ghc is suitable for 'production'
soreardons: System.Environment btw
orbitzhrm i hav ethe code where size2 = size `div` 2; h = sqrt $ size^2 - size2^2 and i'm getting...No instance for (Floating Int)
donssorear: ok. fixing.
orbitzi've tried a few things with no success, wha tis this error?
donsthough must be a Yhc mis-import

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NY Lost Funds