#gentoo - Wed 9 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

fn1hydroge: yeah, it depends on a lot of things. But what will I expect from it (hours) ?
_brycefn1, and, normally, on your net connection's speed as well
_arrayis_null: then there is an error compiling the .config, just google the error, or follow the genkernel dog
paulyHello. What is the command to list installed packages in gentoo? emerge -? thanks. ps i'm new to gentoo.
hydrogenfn1: its impossible to tell you.
fn1_bryce: I neglected the download time.
is_null_array: you are mistaking person.
hydrogenI've had installs take serveral weeks
and installs take a few hours
zlinmzbot: gentoo pauly gentoolkit
_arrayis_null: ?
mzbotpauly: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/gentoolkit.xml
_bryceA week is about average for me on account of my slow net connection.
is_null_array: also you don't need to make dep bzImage no more
zlinpauly: or you can use eix or portage-utils or ... :)
fn1hydrogen: I have a dual core Intel T5500 (1.66GHz) with 1.5GB of RAM. Does Gentoo utilize both cores ?
is_null_array: i ahve no compiling error
_arrayis_null: yeah, with 2.6.x kernels you dont have to make dep
hydrogenfn1: yes
_arrayis_null: with 2.4.x you still have to
is_nullof course
AStormfn1, it's like my machine :P
_arrayis_null: if make install is failing, there is an error.
google it.
fn1hydrogen: Sounds good.
AStormfn1, if you set MAKEOPTS and JOBS variables in make.conf properly
paulyok. Thanks:).
AStormthe install (not counting configuration) should take I think like 2h
is_null_array: you are mistaking person. I don't have no make install error because i haven't make install ever because it's not specified in the manual and i have several gentoo workstations and servers up and running without make install understand ?
fn1AStorm: I am just put off a little bit thinking that I won't have a complete system in a short period. Command line is no biggie for me, but I need at least a graphical browser to learn about Gentoo the most efficient way. (Oh, no links2 :p)
CapsoAny guide to creating a boot CD?
is_null_array: oh, and i beleive make install always update grub/menu.lst successfully and reports errors in case it doens't ?
Slowking_ManCapso: A Gentoo livecd?
_arrayis_null: oh, you were helping AStorm? I thought you were asking for help, haha
CapsoSlowking_Man: Just a boot CD.
zlinis_null: it creates symlinks that you can use in grub.conf (I do that) - with those you don't ever need to alter grub.conf ...
actionhydrogen notes that ruby doesn't parallelize nicely :(
hydrogennotes that ruby doesn't parallelize nicely :(
Slowking_ManCapso: download a Knoppix ISO and burn it

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