#gentoo - Tue 8 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

rejMordrath: Is that on a running system?
Mordrathrej: no, installing
rejMordrath: Maybe you need to `emerge eselect` first.
Mordrath: OK, inside the chroot or outside of it?
xprment626uberpinguin, so I'm screwed for now?
hays[R]: ok so as long as I have a locale I'm good
rejMordrath: I could have sworn eselect is part of a stage3 these days.
actionhydrogen shrugs
i hadn't looked
rej: nah, it isn't
rejhydrogen: bah
Mordrathrej: yeah, apparently it isn't
rej: lemme check the handbook again real quick
[R]why would it be in the stage
grknightt0ny-p40, any luck looking in dmesg? 'dmesg |grep deth' should prove interesting
[R]and speaking of eselect... is eselect-compiler ever goin to happen?
Fieldydead dead dead last i knew
zlinbut still causing pain :p
hydrogenevery time eradicator comes back he tries to resurect it
then disappears and leaves a bunch of bugs
rommelwill stage1 get updated periodically even though it isnt officially supported
hydrogenit is.
Fieldyrommel: probably not
hydrogentheres a 2007.0 stage1
[R]isn't there a new stage1 tarball the same as there are new stage3 tarballs... with rleeases
Jokeri hope the i686 cross compile issue is not overlooked when doing eselect-compiler
rommelFieldy, didnt you use to have a longer nic
Jokerwhen i tried it some time ago .. it did install i686 gcc based on the x86_64 gcc binary
which is probably not what you want when offering i686 distcc to other hosts
rommelFieldysnutts or something
t0ny-p40grknight, I get "forcedeth.c: Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver. Version 0.57."
I wonder if different ethernet card would work.
rommelt0ny-p40, ifconfig -a show eth0 ?
grknightt0ny-p40, anything interesting in dmesg when you run it alone?
jale2icehmmm... who's in here?
Mordrathi can't find it :(
grknightjale2ice, 850 lurkers

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