#gentoo - Sun 6 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:13

Adlaimadtrill, rc-update add net.<interface> default
acecasemadtrill do rc-update add..... :P Adlai
I type to slow on this thing
Draconxbillfur2, you can either use the x86 binary (mozilla-firefox-bin), or alternately: nspluginwrapper
Adlaibillfur2, I think you either need
madtrilladlai, unfortunatley I did that, but I still get message that dhcpcd is not installed during booting
AdlaiDraconx beat me by a mile
billfur2ah, but no native 64 bit version of flash
Draconxwell the recent cvs versions of gnash can run youtube, apparently.
madtrillor maybe the message was dhcp is not installed
Adlaimadtrill, then I would install dhcpcd and check /etc/conf.d/net
good luck though, bye
ferret_05671Do I need to compile "gnome-2.18.0" to get all of GNOME installed??????
billfur2but, back to my very bad problems
madtrillk, bye
billfur2how do I fix this wierd esound error involving docbook
acecaseOK Ima start the install :) thanks y*
vibrionsomeone coul tell me how to tell hald not to erase /dev/sd*
tdrbillfur2 nspluginwrapper works for me
billfur2 emerge -vaDNu esound
vibrionsomeone could tell me how to tell hald not to erase /dev/sd*
Adlaivibrion, that's not the most common of questions, be a little more patient
IskyYeah, I'm sure not gonna be able to answer that.
Draconxthat doesn't seem like something hald would do.
ferret_05671Is the GNOME 2.18 overlay pretty up-to-date?
Draconxferret, gnome 2.18 is in the main tree.
vibrionok Adlai
I got that
Draconx, So if hald isnt who is doing? Udev?
inxiis there any way to make gentoo automatically try to bring an interface up when it's connected to the wire?
Draconxvibrion, udev does do that sort of thing
ebrakeinxi: ifplug
inxiebrake thanks
Draconxferret, http://dev.gentoo.org/~dang/gnome/overlay-status.html compares the main tree to the official releases to the gnome overlay tree.
inxiI'm amazed by the stuff that's out there... if only I could find more of it :)
ferret_05671ok, do I need to compile the GNOME 2.18 overlay to get it installed? If so, have long does compiling GNOME 2.18 take on a P3 800MHz?
Draconxferret, no you do not need the overlay to install gnome 2.18, the packages are in the main tree.
ferret_05671then, how long does compiling Xorg and GNOME 2.18 take on a P3 800MHz, and how do I install both at once?

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