#gentoo - Wed 2 May 2007 between 02:16 and 00:01

defacedid he emerge a dhcp client?
hasnt done anything yet
i thought this was post install
net-setup eth0
tw1sti was assuming that ssh would work after the reboot
defacewhat nic ?
after what reboot ?
tw1stthis is post install
defacedid he boot back to livecd ?
gaillard_does anyone nkow why ddd is spiting out that it can't open that file???
tw1stbootstrap loaded
petteygtdr: neither stex nor pdc2027x work :(
tdrpetteyg dunno then, sorry.
petteygpdc2027x is for pata anyway
what's funny is that is was just working randomly last night...
Blue89gr3ml1n, join the club :-/
h3h_timobrianw, as long as i follow the guide i will be fine?
brianwh3h_timo: follow the handbook
Blue89h3h_timo, you will be fine as long as you do it all by the book
h3h_timothe handbook eh??... will that wiki page help me?
brianwh3h_timo: use the guide as a supplament, but do not take it as truth...
Blue89take the plunge
im kind of afraid
gr3ml1nhttp://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-4035820.html help :O
Appleman1234anyone know what causes the double blocker [blocks B ] sys-auth/nss-mdns (is blocking net-misc/mDNSResponder-107.6-r4)
[blocks B ] net-misc/mDNSResponder (is blocking net-dns/avahi-0.6.18)
h3h_timocan i do it from the livecd??
Blue89I was too, but it turns out to be ok
h3h_timothrough the command prompt?? or is that not good?
gr3ml1nwhat user runs the commands in local.start?
malefich3h_timo: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/index.xml

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