#gentoo - Sat 19 May 2007 between 01:14 and 01:27

iglinight jmbsvicetto :)
STGMavrickSkunky: i dont know what package that is, whats the name of it?
SkunkySTGMavrick: you need pcmciautis, rather than pcmcia-cs
Skunky: what other steps do i need to take so i dont bother you all night
SkunkySTGMavrick: if after switching to the other pcmcia card services, the card still doesn't show up in lspci, then... what _I_ had to do what re-compile my kernel, changing the pci access method from "any" to "direct"
[R]lspci has nothing to do with userland utils being installed
SkunkySTGMavrick: you MAY also need to add pci=assign-busses to your kernel command line
[R]: with pcmcia cards, they don't get assigned resources if the userland utils aren't installed, and if they don't get resources assigned, they don't show up in lspci.
thats why i avoid laptops with a passion
Skunky[R]: yes, really.
STGMavrickSkunky: unless thats a new command, i've never had to add any command line to get it to work. It used to work, however i hosed my HD and had to start from scratch, its just been a while since i've done this stuff
SkunkySTGMavrick: kernel... .17 or .18 changed the default pci access method, was a problem with my laptop, which after recompiling with "direct" rahter than "any" went away, no more dmesg complaints about hidden busses either
darkspyanybody have vlc installed and if so did u run into this error "set-wxconfig: Error: Can't find normal or debug version:, set-wxconfig: /usr/lib/wx/config/gtk2-unicode-release-2.6 not found, set-wxconfig: /usr/lib/wx/config/gtk2-unicode-debug-2.6 not found, You need to emerge wxGTK with unicode in your USE"
noctiim about to update my gcc. is there something i should take note before doing this? thanks.
larrythecowguys, if I go into the kernel config and don't change anything but accidentally save, do I still have to make?
[R]nocti: there is a gcc migratin/upgrade guide on teh gentoo.org website
larrythecow: well if you dintd change anyhting
darkspy: emerge -pv wxGTK
larrythecow[R]: but I saved see..
noctithanks [R]
Zangetsu-darkspy: install wxGTK with unicode flag
[R]larrythecow: but you dindt change anyhting...
darkspyi tried doing that like 4 times
STGMavrickSkunky: emerged, lspci shows the same as before.. added pcmcia and yenta-socket to the config file that it recommends
larrythecowokay, good :D
darkspyi set the unicode flag in the package.use
and i also tried through command line
[R]darkspy: show me the output of that command
darkspy[ebuild R ] x11-libs/wxGTK- USE="unicode -X -debug -doc -gnome -joystick -odbc -opengl -sdl" 0 kB
the only thing that looks out of place is -gnome.. cus im using KDE
i dont know if that would make a diff.
[R]darkspy: dare I ask how you're missing the X use flag?
darkspy: but thats why
darkspywhat do u mean im missing the X flag
[R]darkspy: notice how it says -X?

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