#gentoo - Tue 15 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:04

actionhydrogen disgares with that
hydrogendisgares with that
EmoDirkHow bout this, Phoenix of San Antonio
gentoo_userdoes anyone know if the gtk+installer comes with any hardened kernels?
kevevkojiro: I installed with the live cdj 2007.0. I removed gcc 3.3.6 and installed gcc 4.2. I did emerge -e world. Everything works fine except when I try and merge ati-drivers. It tries to install gcc 3.3.6.
boselehi all, i emerged most of the emul-linux-x86 packages yesterday. i got a block(=sys-devel/gcc-3.3*) so i got rid of that. now the package ati-drivers seems to depend on gcc3. so, basically i need some help, any takers?
[R]bosele: libstdc++-v3 is what you want
EmoDirksome apps still have that dependency on 3.3.6
beandog? gcc upgrade
kojiro[R]: that might help kevev too
kevevkojiro: I know I should have used the gcc upgrade tutorial.
[R]kevev: you want libstdc++-v3 also
kojirohow funny, two people asking the *same* question at once!
actionbeandog shames kevev
beandogshames kevev
only because Im bored.
[R]althoug HOW he got 3.3.6
kevevjeeves: I read that after. but I do not want to remerge world again. took 12 hours.
[R]from 2007.0
is beyond me
EmoDirkNo one answered my question
kojiro[R]: it's called a wormhole
[R]can i go to bajor with it?
kevevR: whatever the default gcc is. cant remember. its a 3.x.x version
not on 2007.0
PhenaxIs there a program in portage to do my exams for me?
boselewell if it's that simple ill get on with that, thanks
actionPhenax prays
kojiroPhenax: yes, Angry Drunken Dwarves
actionPhenax emerges
kevevEverything else merged without 3.3.6. I just want ati-drivers to use gcc 4.
gentoo_userthks [R], back to 2006 gentoo boot cd
kevevis there an easy way to do this???
beandogkevev: some stuff is gonna need it, dont worry if it gets installed.
Fieldyyes, follow the gcc upgrade guide like has been mentioned at least 4 times today
[R]kevev: i already told you what you need to do

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