#gentoo - Sun 13 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:04

I want to learn more about linux. I'm somewhat unix adept, but I always hated linux
Boohbahgentoo is a great learning experience
drazakGentoo is a great distro
Daryl_I understand the fundamental computing concepts very well tho, avid c++ programmer and I know many scripted languages and pocito assembler
KurlonAs a heavy FreeBSD user, Gentoo is a good linux to pick up.
cruxeternusDaryl_: LFS is an even better learning experience, if that's your main criterial.
drazakmarienz: you want to remerge binutils too
marienzdrazak: why?
Daryl_no, my main goal here is getting my laptop and some nifty wireless tools working
drazakmarienz: because without that being updated your system is b0rked
I did it 4 times
Daryl_I'm learning linux as a byproduct now. I did a gentoo install probably about 4 years ago
marienzdrazak: clarify? my system isn't broken afaik, and I haven't seen anything about JanisB's problem that points at binutils? it just seems gcc got rebuilt with the wrong CHOST set?
drazak(Really, if you want to save yourself a LOT of trouble, backup your home directories and start from the i686 stage3)
marienz: oh, I thought they were changing it
Daryl_but I understand the fundamentals of an OS and computing more, so this time I can figure most stuff out before I have trouble
cruxeternusDaryl_: Would getting something running fairly quickly also be a priority?
marienzdrazak: I'm not changing CHOST. Afaict JanisB isn't intentionally changing CHOST either.
drazakOkay, good.
Daryl_no, not a priority. getting it running right.
marienzdrazak: (notice the (old) 3.4 gcc is correctly i686, it's just the new malfunctioning freshly built 4.1 that isn't)
marienz: I didn't see all of it
JanisBmarienz, will "emerge gcc" overwrite all needed files for gcc and cure all 4.1.1 <-> 3.4.4 dependences?
marienzok :)
Daryl_otherwise I'd have jumped ship on compiling all my packages a bit ago :)
hey, can anyone tell me how I can add make options to a portage package?
I was trying to do kismet with an suidinstall, but it wouldn't let me before.
cruxeternusDaryl_: Add options?
Daryl_can I do the same thing to turn on config options like gpsmap?
marienzJanisB: no. If I understood the problem correctly you already had a working system using 4.1, and rebuilt 4.1 at which point it broke. Remerging gcc should give you a working 4.1 again, after which you should "gcc-config 1" to actually ues it again :)
KurlonHopefully there is a useflag for that ebuild to enable the options you want
Daryl_its a make flag, but it seems like the ebuild inherently disables gpsmap without option
woah wait
cruxeternusDaryl: only what emerge exposes to you
marienzDaryl_: USE flags, if not available through USE flags edit the ebuild (using an overlay) to add USE flags
Daryl_suidinstall is make flag, not the gpsmap
ah, I need to read on overlays (layman I guess that is)
marienzDaryl_: if you're editing stuff by hand you don't want layman.

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