#gentoo - Sat 12 May 2007 between 01:52 and 02:00

Triffid_HunterMordrath: usually they're dependencies for various options.. emerge -avt nwn and see what it says
dnielwhy you lose your time learning so bad O.S.??
Niarbeht|Connectdniel: And Linux is just a big copy of Unix. So?
Fieldyguys please don't feed the troll
dnielNiarbeht|Connect: yes :(
Niarbeht|ConnectI know. But it's so FUN!
greboidesdniel: easy management of large scale systems.
Niarbeht|Connectdniel: Here's my recommendation: Learn an original OS. Like CPM. Or HURD. Or make your own in ASM for a 386.
greboidesFieldy: we are just talking, dont worry, if we do the same as him we wont be teaching him anything, like having good manners
cyrillic_[R]: smoothscroll.... thanks!
dnielyes... it's name is SIMPLEX
I like BeOS
Kirsaa wonderful thing about free and open software, everyone can modify to their contentment and get what they like and what works for them
Kirsasuch a community has no place for trolls and elitists
Mordrathhow do i set up bluetooth? I have it set as a USE flag, but no idea how to actually get it working
Kirsabe gone, vengeful spirit
dnielok... i'll leaving this chanel, because i don't share your opinion. I say again: GENTOO is to bad and portage no sirve para una mieda
sharp15Mordrath: try searching the wiki yet? (gentoo-wiki.com)
grknightmzbot, gentoo Mordrath bluetooth guide
mzbotMordrath: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/bluetooth-guide.xml
Kirsabye, dniel
greboidesdniel: grow up
dnieland finally I have a question?? why there are a lot of OP here??
jerkfacethat's it! im switching from gentoo to windows 95
Kirsaand peace came over the valley once more
gentoo to ubuntu
Aquahallicwhat's a descent real light web browser?
ajaAquahallic: links
greboidesahh cool amaya is working, my saga to find a suitable web browser has coming to a new step
ajaAquahallic: you can svga or framebuffer links if you like pretty pictures.
Mordraththat guide doesn't show how to get into the kernel configuration... how do I do that?
adam1I'm looking for a + type portal Would any one happen to have any suggestions?
ajaMordrath: cd /usr/src/linux ; make menuconfig

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