#gentoo - Tue 1 May 2007 between 03:00 and 03:15

ToxicFrogIt has always been my plan to install it, set it up, fine-tune it and then convert it into a netbootable image.
Seriously, you have no idea how loud this drive is.
rullieget another one :)
ToxicFrogOr I could make it netbootable.
If I can trim it to under 128MB I can make it USB-bootable, if I can convince the BIOS to boot from USB and/or GRUB to load an initrd from it.
pl0xyIf I install Windows on a seperate partition, can I boot into a live cd and re-setup Grub?
killerhey everyone
is there a tool to remove all old packages from /usr/portage/distfiles?
tdrpl0xy yes
mattmattehkiller, rm -Rf /usr/portage/distfiles/*
rulliekiller, yes, there are scripts
mattmattehrullie, scripts ?
rulliemattmatteh, note "old packages" ?
mattmattehrullie, which one ?
pl0xytdr, don't you do setup from the grub shell or something? I can't quite remember
killeri don't want to remove all files
pl0xytdr, setup (0,0)?
killerjust the outdated ones
rulliekiller, i saw one in the forum before, look it up there
tdrpl0xy just boot the cd, mount your partitions, chroot, and redo installing grub
par0leanyone know the easiest way to determine my sound driver if alsa is working on livecd with sound?
rulliepar0le, lspci, probably
killergot it ;) it's called eclean thx
rulliekiller, oh :) didn't know they have it in portage util now
par0lehmm, dunno what the sound driver for nvidia high def mcp55 would be
billfur2what is a sudo command that lets you run graphical programs?
_arrayhey guys, what package does lzm2dir come in?
rulliepar0le, chances are it's in the kernel
killeryeah they do have but its buggy
rulliebillfur2, graphical programs?
par0lerullie: don't remember seeing it
billfur2yeah, like if you do sudo gedit it can't open the display
nanonymecourse it can't :)
superuser can't access your X server
Matthew_sorry to say it, cause I was really hoping it would work out, but I give up on gentoo (for a while, at least). It's simply too much work for too little payback. Sure, I may make my programs run 1.2x faster than generically compiled ones, but I lose 2 hours compiling them for myself. In my eyes, that's a loss of productivity.
billfur2nanonyme, works natively on ubuntu =(
nanonymebillfur2: it's a privilege matter iirc
you can set it to work
_arrayhow can I decompress lzm in Gentoo?

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