#gentoo - Thu 5 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

brianwstephelton: just make the two nodes
kantlivelongchithead: let me readd the modelines and restart it
brianwmzbot: gentoo stephelton udev guiiide
mzbotbrianw: nothing found
stepheltonbrianw: i did )=
brianw: its still complaining that stuff is missing form /dev
brianwstephelton: so what is the problem now? that message stil coming up?
stephelton: that will always happen
stepheltonbrianw: yeah and its not the least bit specific
brianwstephelton: you need to restore /etc/issue
stepheltonbrianw: oh :) thats easy :)
brianw: thanks
brianwstephelton: if they are truely still missing, the issue will be brought back saying you need the nodes
stepheltonbrianw: roger. thanks
brianwstephelton: the original one is /etc/issue.something
stephelton: but checkout /etc/issue.logo :) cp /etc/issue.logo /etc/issue
daumanyone know why when i type localhost my apache goes to one place, but when have my router forward port 80 to my computer...that it goes somewhere else?
i have a redirect in my httpd.conf..
kingrayraywhen trying to upgrade to gnome unstable (2.18) i get this error: http://pastebin.ca/424878 .. i understand that theres a conflict but i cant seem to fix it
fungosjust reemerged amarok with USE xine and mad but still doesnt working... same error: Amarok could not find any sound-engine plugins.
kingrayraynevermind.. just fixed it
silly layman overlays :-)
kantlivelongchithead: http://rafb.net/p/SDiyKv92.html <---Xorg.log http://rafb.net/p/CCuQWC98.html <---xorg.conf
michihi, i upgraded my kernel to 2.6.18-suspend-r1, now eth0 is activated on boot, waiting for a dhcp time-out because usually no cable is plugged in. it is not in default runlevel, what else can activate it?
chitheadkantlivelong: from line 405 it seems that nvidia is trying to be smarter than you
kantlivelongchithead: hmm?
chitheadkantlivelong: maybe you can try to disable ddc
newzenmichi: you can revise /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ and your eth0 if in this file are activated on boot you can change to none
kantlivelongchithead: is there an option to even do that?
chitheadkantlivelong: oh, any reason you postfixed your modeline with "@60"?
shiminewzen, in gentoo?
kantlivelongchithead: i use 60hz
chithead: no real reason
chithead: just habbit and preference
newzenchimi, you can verify
chitheadkantlivelong: I don't use nvidia, for my radeon it's "IgnoreEDID"
michinewzen: i dont have the directory /etc/sysconfig
chitheadkantlivelong: and if you remove that, does it make a difference?
kantlivelongchithead: let me see

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