#gentoo - Wed 4 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

jmbsvicettoXaeroX: acx111, I think
arthurlightWhen I try to load ANY module I get the following error message: Warning: Error inserting modulex: invalid module format
senbotit's super simple... it's just my home network, and I'm just to access my /home from other computers...
jmbsvicettoXaeroX: net-wireless/acx - net-wireless/acx-firmware
[R]arthurlight: read dmesg
arthurlightI've already recompiled the kernel
senbotit's only about five lines of code.
XaeroXjmbsvicetto: ok let me do that
Sakkathmarienz: what is your bot?
jmbsvicettoXaeroX: I don't know if there's in-kernel drivers. You might try that also
arthurlightmodulex: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module (dmesg - for any modulex)
any idea, [R]?
jmbsvicettosenbot: Could it be a network stability issue?
senbot: Or some firewall / iptables issue?
[R]arthurlight: is /usr/src/linux correct? did you recompile your modules are recompi.lng your kernel?
arthurlightthe /usr/src/linux is correct. I've made 'make && make modules_install install'
(the same I do for every kernel recompiling)
senbotdefinitely not network stability... I have a strong connection here, and it didn't happen with freebsd... I'm not familiar with iptables...
what should I look for?
marienzSakkath: I don't understand the question.
[R]is that for modules part of the kernel... not external ones?
arthurlightwhat, [R]?
marienzSakkath: you mean mzbot?
[R]is it external modules? like ones you emerged?
jmbsvicettosenbot: If you didn't create any rules, then it doesn't matter
arthurlight[R], nope. sound modules compiled in the kernel.
senbotnope... not running a firewall on my gentoo box.
arthurlightwifi drivers too.
jmbsvicettoarmadill0: compiled in?
sharp15does the net.lo init script run dhcpcd?
jmbsvicettoarmadill0: sorry, arthurlight
[R]arthurlight: i would backup /usr/src/linux/.config... make mrproper... move the .config back... make oldconfig, then compile it again
Sakkathmarienz: yeah, i really like the faq script
arthurlightI'll try that, [R]
marienzSakkath: eh, there are more convenient infobot scripts out there.
hydrogenlots of em!
sharp15i can't think of a reason it would run dhcpcd, but the handbook still says to create a symbolic link to net.lo
Sakkathmarienz: I see. is your html portion automatically generated? I have a faq script for eggdrop but it doesn't have mult-channel support; i.e. one channel does ? forums, it'ss the same result as another channel

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