#gentoo - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 00:03 and 00:11

Draconx|LaptopStonefish, there you go. -l might be of interest as well.
Stonefishemerge -s gcc reports 4.1.1, just to confuse me
kexmanhmm Skapare well this is interesting i added fsid=0 to portage with ro and fsid=1 to distfiles with rw and i mount like this mount -t tux01:/ /usr/portage
mount tells me that the mount is rw but its not . not portage nor distfiles is writeable
Draconx|LaptopStonefish, emerge -s is silly, use eix instead.
StonefishIt works :)
Skaparekexman: NFS has many weirdnesses
MADnificentStonefish: it's the s from Stonefish ... it must work on _your_ computer :-P
kexmanSkapare, dont tell me :) netstat -aptu ..... O M G :)
Skaparekexman: uh oh
actionSkapare yawns
actionreisio yawns better
reisioyawns better
actionMADnificent yawns best
MADnificentyawns best
actionkexman yawns the most
kexmanyawns the most
actionMADnificent goes to bed
MADnificentgoes to bed
unl0ckerim having some problems trying to make bootsplash to load properly. Can you guys help me/
kexmani wont go to bed till nfs works properly
reisiounl0cker: you'd have to be more specific
Draconx|Laptopunl0cker, use gensplash, rather than bootsplash.
kexmanSkapare, check out that pastebin :)
MADnificentkexman: I don't think that was a smart statement
StonefishDraconx|Laptop: Presumably I just want the latest gcc, right?
unl0ckerim getting the err that says: can't load /etc/spash/"theme"/1024x768.cfg
Draconx|LaptopStonefish, A reasonable choice
unl0ckerim not even using that res.
kexmanMADnificent, just go to bed :P you yawnking :P
unl0ckerI followed the wiki
MADnificentkexman: kay, good luck!
Draconx|Laptopmzbot, teach unl0cker about wiki
mzbotunl0cker: Wikis can be edited by anyone, including the uninformed and malicious. http://www.gentoo-wiki.com is a great resource, but is not endorsed or supported by us so we may ask you to go read the official documentation. (http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/list.xml)
reisiosome wikis can be, anyways...
unl0ckerthen, after that the img loads but no configuration is being used, since all the text does not fit
actionSkapare needs to go to bed now
Skapareneeds to go to bed now
FroggeRayhi all. How can I migrate to firefox-bin from firefox and don't have to reemerge all the packages depending on firefox
reisioDraconx|Laptop: do we even have official docs on framebuffer?
FroggeRay: you can't, they need the source
well, that is to say
laenOkay, my whole wep in wpa_supplicant.conf problem was i had no ieee80211 support in the kernel.

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