#gentoo - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:13

laidback_01ffmpeg doesn't like the either -fmerge_all_constants or -combine either seperately or together. Just something to note for some folks I suppose.
damn didnt have anything on it
staciewell. darn.. guess im going to give up for now
vrkhanshi i am planing to install gentoo but i want to find out weather how i can install zd1211 usb network card to install
farriothvrkhans: Does the card work in Knoppix? If so, you can install from a Knoppix livecd.
vrkhansfarrioth: i used xubuntu , and it work fine in that
RendIs there an easy way to scale a set of images to a new size?
vrkhanswhat are the steps I need to take after install gentoo from the live cd, should i download it in windows and copy it on a floppy and then install in gentoo,
cminionhi im having trouble compiling xinit
vrkhansor any other way
farriothvrkhans: Should work, then. Or try an Ububtu livecd.
cminion./configure: line 5240: XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS: command not found
Regor|workRend: If you want to do it non-interactively, try Imagemagick
vrkhansfarrioth: what do you mean by try ubuntu livecd
farriothvrkhans: Look at the Gentoo Handbook. Instaling from a Knoppix CD is the same as from a Gentoo Livecd, essentially.
vrkhansyou mean how to install the driver
zlinstacie: did you try with genkernel? if you can just get a working kernel with that you can always revisit making your own later on..
farriothvrkhans: No, to install Gentoo.
stacienaw... dont want to give up yet
vrkhanssorry, i didnt get you
staciethis is the first kern im having so much probs with
farriothvrkhans: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD
staciezlin: can u think of anything else that might help me out?
farriothvrkhans: What part don't you understand?
vrkhansi havent install gentoo yet , i am planning for it,
zlinstacie: you still get the exact same error?
vrkhansso you want me to install gentoo first right , and then what
i have to do ?
staciecan u help me to make sure im booting off new kern?
vrkhansto install zd1211
zlinstacie: pastebin your latest kernel config and I'll try to take a look. can't promise anything.
staciehow do i do that ?
zlinstacie: you're not in X ?
stacieim sshd into it from a window box
zlinstacie: can you emerge wgetpaste ?
staciei can past but how do i copy the whole kern

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