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elprespufferfishjhulst_, maybe this will help: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=3&chap=3
asdffixed, just rolled back to 1.2
grknightomg.. ati fixed the console freezes in .36.5
daimosati works at all?
actiondaimos is surprised
daimosis surprised
lilltigerIs the cpio in portage patched to be able to generate an initramfs?
jhulst_elprespufferfish: So downgrade the kernel, any suggestion as to what?
elprespufferfishjhulst_, i think it'd be easier to install a keyworded ati-drivers
Draconxlilltiger, there is no patch necessary
grknightjhulst_, unfortunately... ati-drivers 8.36.5 is requried for a 2.6.20 kernel and hasn't hit portage yet
ovakill2ovadriveI want to do a fresh Gentoo install, but I want to save settings like make.conf and kernel .config...what else should I save besides personal user settings that will save me time during just the Gentoo installation?
elprespufferfishgreboide, jhulst_ 8.36.5 and the 35.x version are patched for 2.6.20
grknight, rather
sitruciousAnyone else install the Gentoo on HP TC4400 Core 2?
lilltigerDraconx: strange, Im making an install cd based on Arch. When I was in gentoo I could just extract the image, then rebuilt it with cpio. But now that I am in arch it wont work, kernel panic cant find /init
grknightelprespufferfish, oops.. missed that in ChangeLog
Triffid_Hunterovakill2ovadrive: /etc/conf.d, /var/lib/portage/world, maybe /etc/X11/xorg.conf and friends too
ovakill2ovadriveThanks Triffid_Hunter
Triffid_Hunterovakill2ovadrive: oh, /usr/portage/ as well
ovakill2ovadriveRight right
wuzzerdovakill2ovadrive: if your kernel is good save it and modules
elprespufferfishTriffid_Hunter, why would you bother to back up /usr/portage for a new install?
Draconxlilltiger, I've always used kbuilds built-in initramfs generation, works great.
Triffid_Hunterelprespufferfish: distfiles mainly, although it saves an enormous sync too
Tanktalushas anyone tried running a windows jvm under wine? :-)
Draconxlilltiger, afaik, you need to provide some flag to cpio which I don't remember, kbuild does this for you, thus you don't need to remember it, either.
lilltigerDraconx: -H newc for the format
Draconxlilltiger, even cooler, the kbuild system doesn't need you to be root to create useful iniramfses.
lilltigerDraconx: but to get access to kbuild you need to build the kernel aswell?
Draconxlilltiger, there might be a target to just build the initramfs
lilltigeras i have only the image of the kernel from the cd.. and all i want to do is to edit some files within the initramfs..
Draconxlilltiger, I do know that initramfses are gzipped, did you do that?
lilltigerDraconx: but wont modify the initramfs after the kernel modules?
Draconx: yes, i get it to boot and succseed with the is initramfs test. it when it should execute /init it fails
ovakill2ovadriveHow do I display "top" so that it sorts by memory usage?
lilltigerDraconx: thought in my initrd its init and not /init as in the org initramfs.. but it works anyway with the images i built in gentoo
wuzzerdovakill2ovadrive: emerge htop it has a nice interface
ovakill2ovadrivehtop hm
Triffid_Hunterovakill2ovadrive: press O (for order)
Draconxlilltiger, initrd : /linuxrc. initramfs: /init

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