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[R]Thighzen: changing your current root directory to that of what you are chrooting into
RiverRatThighzen: You know how youmount a drive partition for / and mount everything on top of that?
hardcampaThighzen: changing your root dir
RiverRatJust like [R] said, make a subdir of that tree the new root.
brianwchroot - run command or interactive shell with special root directory
RiverRatThighzen: It makes it where you can't get outside of that subdirectory.
brianwif you use /bin/bash you get a shell in that newroot
grknightThighzen, the point of it is for a test enviornment or to setup a new system
Thighzen, or for security reasons
RiverRatIf you use tcsh you get a shell too. :p
Thighzenthanks :)
hardcampaThighzen normally / is the root. You can't ever go higher than / if you chroot /home/blah You can't ever go higher than /home/blah
simple enough?
brianwwell you can. :)
just not easily
hardcampayeah but we don't use drugs now
Thighzenso if you haven't gathered by now I am a new user... I installed... at least I think I installed gentoo and grub and I restarted to see if it would work... it didn't so I thought I probably named the kernel wrong in grub but now after I am running in the livedvd I don't really know what to do
anybody have suggestions?
diseaserThighzen: what kind of error message did you get
Thighzenit was a file not found # 15 or something
diseaserwas that from grub?
diseaserahh ok
so if you use your livecd to boot
diseaseryou can mount your /dev/hda1 (assuming that is your /boot partition) somewhere, cd into that directory and check the filename of your kernel
i think the grub directory lives in that partition too so you can check the grub config while you are there
hardcampaThighzen if grub couldn't find a kernel chanses are you can simply tell grub to look somewhere else. Press e for edit and try another path. You can even tab complete if I'm not mistaken.
Toaster`Would someone be able to assist me in getting Tomcat-6 running? #gentoo-java is pretty dead right now :/
Thighzenwhat would the command be to mount the hda1?
diseaserThighzen: hardcampa's idea would probably be easier/faster
ThighzenI already tried messing around in grub when it didn't work right away
I don't really know my way around linux well enough to guess where the kernel ran off to
diseaserThighzen: first look in /mnt on the livecd
brianwThighzen: this is all laid out in the handbook.
diseaserim not sure how its setup off hand, but you need a path to mount to

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