#gentoo - Tue 24 Apr 2007 between 00:06 and 00:28

jhulstrej: I'll look, I'm pretty sure I got it from OSU's mirror
peksteruddd: Depending on what features your CPU supports, this table might be useful: http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/i386-and-x86_002d64-Options.html
nick01does the celeron D have a builtin temperature sensor ?
rejjhulst: It's not the server you downloaded it from that matters. It's the stage tarball's contents that does.
doc|homenick01: #hardware
actionnick01 configuring kernel
nick01configuring kernel
rejnick01: #linux
rejjhulst: Thank you.
jhulst: Even that seems alright.
jhulstI checked it against the md5 sum, it was the same
Tarantulafudgeso who still does stage 1? I want to laugh at you
rejTarantulafudge: Release engineering uses them. What is your issue?
Tarantulafudgerej: whats that?
DrChandraTarantulafudge: It's ok, you don't need to worry about it.
rejTarantulafudge: The Gentoo devs who produce the stage3 tarballs, and the boot CDs and live CDs...
Tarantulafudgerej: oh well thats different
rej: I just meant to laugh at people who still believe in using stage1 for normal setups, I was out of place to try and start a flame, sorry
rejTarantulafudge: k
DrChandraI didn't think it was a flame.
rejTarantulafudge: I was just trying to make sure you wouldn make a fool of yourself laughing at our fine Release Engineers. :)
TarantulafudgeDrChandra: lol
AnakinFoxeHi, all. Can I install gentoo of x86 version onto AMD64 machine and then rebuild the system to fit for AMD64?
gentoodudedoc|home: its a cell phone ;)
doc|homegentoodude: and off-topic
mattmattehis there a way to skip e2fsck at boot ?
gentoodudedoc|home: sorry bro
Marticushrm, I have added a new window manager, replaced the entry in .Xclients, but it continues to start with the old manager
any ideas?
actiongentoodude shuts his big mouth and resumes watching a compile
gentoodudeshuts his big mouth and resumes watching a compile
udddmarticus how are you starting X
brianwAnakinFoxe: that is a no
AnakinFoxeoh... thank you!
Squilliswhat would cause my laptop harddrive to be detected as hda instead of sda
or vice versa
the_lord_laptopI'm having troubles emerging subversion, it complains that I don't have db-4.0

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