#gentoo - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 00:29

elprespufferfishg_robot, ugh,that reminds me to write all the ivman rules i want
g_robotelprespufferfish, the syntax seems easy, ive got a output from my HAL, i just cant figure out what goes where
elprespufferfish, i havent seen any solid examples
gourangaStrange question: I'm trying to get my Intel integrated video adapter to display at 1440x900. I took a lot of steps but the apps still appear squished a little. Is it possible my desktop is running at 1440x900 but the apps are not??
t8kanyone know how to get a raw copy of Gentoo's DVD install burned using Roxio? Meaybe im too lazy to figure it out. I have been having problems with my HP computer #1-07 Fail in the BIOS HD Test is the error message I get. My plan is to get HP to fix the "broken" Hard disk and then wipe everything off and proceed to install Gentoo on my HP dv2000. After which, (and im contemplating this seriously), I may simply take Windows Vista recovery disk
g_robotelprespufferfish, i went by the wiki tutorial, to enable mounting for all devices, and it doesnt work
elprespufferfish, so i built my own rule and it says my match name is invalid
elprespufferfish, i am accustomed to using submount, which worked well, but its been phased out
JoeyJoeJoI have a second hard drive in my pc. I have a samba share set up on it. Whenever I'm copying to or from it, it goes kinda slow, and in top there is some percentage of my cpu being used by WA. How can I fix this?
elprespufferfishi wonder if there's a library of ivman rules out there or something
richiefrichelprespufferfish: ?
elprespufferfish: you mean a list of rules
elprespufferfishrichiefrich, yeah
richiefrichyou can make your own but that wouldnt be ivman
that would be hal
richiefrichelprespufferfish: you want to do hal rules
elprespufferfish: ivman just mounts it hal is the app that has the rules
elprespufferfishrichiefrich, i thought hal just provides data to ivman
richiefrich]it does in rules
elprespufferfishrichiefrich, i just want my file browser to open when i plug stuff in :D
richiefrichor you can use pmount
then use udev
thats easy
elprespufferfish: whats it you wanna make a rule for
elprespufferfish: usb drive?
elprespufferfishrichiefrich, ideally, all hotplugged drives
richiefrichelprespufferfish: then you need to make udev rules they are easy
elprespufferfish: if you have a drive plugged in i can set one rule for you
elprespufferfish: then you can do the rest yourself it is easy
elprespufferfishrichiefrich, why would that be a udev rule? I thought udev was for /dev/ mapping
richiefrichelprespufferfish: and other things
elprespufferfish: it can mount and do all kinda of things
elprespufferfish: like i said you have options but idk howto make hal rules idk XML
mwacequick - whats the command to list all the running processes in kde?
richiefrichmwace: ps auxf
ps -A
htop :)

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