#gentoo - Sat 21 Apr 2007 between 00:02 and 00:18

grknighthypronix, you do know that ati-drivers does not provide "radeon"
hypronixgrknight: ah hold on... i think... i get it now :-s
grknight: ok.. fglrx does not detect any devices... any quick hints? [btw massive thanks for the step fwd]
actiongrknight is quite happy with xf86-video-radeon
grknightis quite happy with xf86-video-radeon
actionhypronix takes note of that and proceeds investigation
hypronixtakes note of that and proceeds investigation
grknighthypronix, never finished it myself
rulliehypronix: what video card do you have?
hypronixrullie: radeon 9000
rulliehypronix: ah, i might want the radeon driver instead of fglrx
grknighthypronix, that card seems to have difficulties according to sources
hypronixrullie: that's ati-gatos, right? it bitches about not being able to get my xorg-x11 USE flags
grknight: just my luck, i s'ppose
rullieit is generally believed that radeon driver has comparable performance with less bug for 9200 and below inclusive
but then, some believe radeon doesnt work well with EXA and XAA accelmethods
hypronixand i wanted to run beryl on my 22" :(
won't give up that easily
dzrullie: it doesn't even matter with my card. I tried running ET once -- 15FPS max with details all the way down
grknighthmm.. i might want to play with ati-drivers.. maybe it's a nice challenge :D
scriptdevilwhat is the package i must emerge for libdb-4.2
rulliehypronix: if u're already on ur way on fglrx, continue on and just see how it turns out
dz: u got a good card then, i suppose?
dzrullie: mobility M6 LY
grknightscriptdevil, try sys-libs/db
samkAnyone know which is better ubuntu or gentoo?
grknightsamk, #gentoo-chat please
dzsamk: you expect a reasonable answer to that question in here? :P
rulliesamk: asking that in #gentoo?
hypronixrullie: i'll see what i can do, unfortunately it seems using radeon detected the device but complained about modes; fglrx says that it does not detect any devices [whereas in fact it does detect the TV-out on the card]
rulliehydrogen: i believe the newest ati-driver stopped support for 9200 and below or something
rulliehypronix: T_T
let me give u my version
hypronixrullie: AFAIK ati has some linux drivers on their site?
lemme check

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