#gentoo - Mon 2 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:12

granbo=/ I have a gentoo live cd from 2004... it appears not to have ebuild or emerge... is there any way I can install software? specifically cdrecord. I need to burn a rescue ISO...
Sakkathhow can i measure how much bandwidth a user uses
waittomPhenax:...any solution..?
Phenaxgranbo: Manually download it, manually unpack it, manually ./configure it, manually make it, manually make install/or run binary from compiled dir.
darksouledo you have any ideas how to clean that up without screwing up my screen?
waittomPhenax:...any solution..?
prateekgWhere can I find IRC logs of #gentoo? does somebody maintain them?
int80_hgood question
granboPhenax: it appears the live cd doesn't conatin make =(
dg_i have a blocking package that doesnt make sense, because it's not installed
Phenaxgranbo: unpack a Stage 3 on your harddisk, it contains all of that
granbo(or man, or apropos)
dg_what's the deal with that?
Phenaxgranbo: Unpack a stage 3, and then chroot into it would likely be more appropriate.
darksouleSkunky can we clean up my xorg without messing things up?
Phenaxin fact you could probably unpack a stage 3, Portage snapshot, chroot -- then just emerge it
granbothanks for the help Phenax - however writing to disk isn't an option unfortunately.
Phenaxand burn your cd from the chroot
I don't see a process in which you need to write to a disk in there
granbogranbo: unpack a Stage 3 on your harddisk, it contains all of that
Phenaxwell, unpack a stage 3 into your RAM or whatever the disc uses
Phenax"Unpack a stage 3"
if you have 512mb+ of RAM it will likely work fine
marienz(do not unpack a stage3 on anything other than an empty directory though)
dg_how can i fix this? emerge complains that xproto-7.0.6 is blocking packages, but there is no xproto installed according to emerge -C xproto
marienzdg_: other way around, most likely.
revdep-rebuild didn't work
dg_marienz, i dont understand?
int80_hany other ideas?
marienzdg_: something you are trying to install or upgrade pulls in xproto, but xproto cannot be installed because it conflicts with something else that is currently installed.
dg_marienz, i did not misread the error message.
marienzdg_: please pastebin it.
dg_sigh, ok
kexmanhow does an nfs client work ? :)
i want to set up a secure iptables ruleset for it
stealthis this a joke? http://www.google.com/tisp/index.html

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