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hydrogenqfile bnetd.conf
my ways cooler!
kevmanHas anyone noticed the Mp3 USE flag vaporizing from audacious-plugins?
[R]kevman: mad use flag
Fieldykevman: mad
Draconx|Laptopkevman, "mad" useflag in 1.3.3
Fieldy[R]: heh
kevmanYeah, I just saw that. I was asking for a friend.
Fieldyi too wish some USE flags were just left alonge... to me "mad" doesn't mean anything at all </opinion>
tdrmad is the decoder tho
GwernI'm kind of curious. does anyone know why an upgrade later, my aterm is convinced it is actually kterm and is setting $TERM to be 'kterm' instead of 'rxvt'?
(google fails to help me)
mbiIs mrouted still around because I can't find anything for it.
fowGwern, something in an rc sourced by your shell maybe?
robinkmbi: net-misc/mrouted
Gwernfow: right, I thought that, but the only thing in /etc I could find was DIR_COLORS and something else, but deleting the kterm entry still results in the error
[R]Fieldy: use.desc explains it pretty well
Draconx|Laptopor equery uses <package>
Gwern(I've searched in /home and /etc with "grep -R kterm *")
tdrGwern you searched your . files?
Gwerntdr: a * should cover those, no?
tdrGwern, nope
Gwern, a .* would
Draconx|LaptopGwern, deleting a term line from DIR_COLORS sets that terminal as not supporting colours, you may want to put that back.
GwernDraconx|Laptop: well, I don't use kterm, that's the problem
(thing ain't even installed)
LSD`iirc, the DIR_COLORS file is a legacy thing. The info comes from somewhere else now, I can't remember where though off the top of my head
Draconx|LaptopGwern, cheap workaround hack: [ "$TERM" == "kterm" ] && export TERM="what_you_want" in ~/.bashrc - doesn't solve the root problem though.
Fieldyheh. amarok failed to install a script so it says "Failed to install hot new stuff."
Draconx|LaptopLSD`, DIR_COLORS is still used - the "dircolors" program reads it and produces appropriate environment variables which are then used by ls.
fowFieldy, off topic :x
GwernDraconx|Laptop: yeah. it's a good idea to get to the root of issues like this
mbiquagga or mrouted then?
which is better? which is easier?
Draconx|LaptopGwern, perhaps the aterm developers actually changed the TERM value they use?
GwernDraconx|Laptop: it seems awfully unlikely as it broke a lot of things and aterm is supposed to be backwards compatible with rxvt... but I guess it couldn't hurt to check
fowhmph there's a bash command that could help you out, Gwern, but I can't find it in my logs
actionfow asks #bash
fowasks #bash

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