#gentoo - Fri 13 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:02

Ashton_KeI noticed that much.
gentoodudei switched from default
to 800x600
and it froze
grknightwish i could run xorg on alpha.. it doesn't like it
slicslakg2user, lol, that's a good point. :-)
jmbsvicettoBlue89: You can also look in /usr/portage for something that calls your attention
Seadoggentoodude, don't do that again then :P
Vegeetahello, i was looking for a way to install a mail server, what other mail program are out there besides sendmail.
gentoodudeSeadog: what do i do now
LoneWlf794Hi all, I'm trying to get pubkey authentication working on my ssh server (along with passwords) and I absolutely cannot get it working, any help?
SeadogVegeeta, gentoo-wiki.org has loads of info on them all
jmbsvicettoVegeeta: netqmail and postfix are good choices. I prefer the latter
SeadogLoneWlf794, I've got ssh via public key files, but not with passwords too
gentoodudeSeadog: should i kil the power?
or will i kill my FS
jmbsvicettoLoneWlf794: What have you done?
VegeetaSeadog: Thanks, I realize they probably do, but what's your reccomendation?
Blue89theBear, I mean the transfer app, not a recorder
Seadoggentoodude, unless you're running some funky filesystem then you should be fine
but ctrl+alt+backspace will kill X too
Blue89that's what I have the Tivo for ;-)
SeadogVegeeta, I use netqmail personally
LoneWlf794jmbsvicetto: I followed an article on linux.com and made some dsa keys, appended the pub key to my authorized_keys file, and uncommented some settings in sshd_config
gentoodudeSeadog: i crashed my ext3 on my dell doin that
jmbsvicettoVegeeta: I run postfix
gentoodudebut i did it many times
SeadogLoneWlf794, what's the error?
gentoodudecan i do it just this one and be ok?
VegeetaI see.. okay.. thanks..
jmbsvicettoLoneWlf794: How are you trying to login remotely?
grknightVegeeta, I'm a postfix fan... there's good points to each.. and sendmail blows to setup securely
Vegeetaare they hard to configure??
Seadoggentoodude, I do it at times xD but if you don't want to risk it try to kill X or whatever first
LoneWlf794Seadog: No error... it just doesn't work. I'm trying to connect from a machine that doens't have the key and it's just letting me through.
VegeetaI am having a tough time with sendmail..
relaying problem.
SeadogLoneWlf794, without a password either 0.o?
gentoodudeSeadog: absolutly nothing will respond

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