#gentoo - Tue 10 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

CPrgmSwR2yeah just ignore me as I didn't releaze he said he got the purple screen
NoodlePotI installed the game frozen bubble and now there is nothing to click on and I cannot find a file to start the game
premjmbsvicetto, i just did a 'modprobe rtc && /etc/init.d/clock restart' but still no luck same error
jmbsvicetto, do i need to build rtc into the kernel?
jmbsvicettoprem: grep -i rtc /usr/src/linux/.config
rowdyi'm afraid its going to take a min...i had set the root as hd1 based on a prev suggestion..i am changin it right now
jmbsvicettoNoodlePot: Do you have portage-utils installed? If so, qlist -v frozzen-bubble
Err wrong channel
jmbsvicettoNoodlePot: sorry, qlist -v frozen-bubble
CPrgmSwR2rowdy what exactly is happening again?
rubiks120I have a question.. I am setting up acpi support on my laptop and I was going through kernel configuration, I have an Intel centrino duo processor, which option is that under cpu frequency scaling in the kernel?
premjmbsvicetto, CONFIG_RTC=m, and there are other entries as well
NoodlePotcool ok thanks :D
jmbsvicettoprem: hmm
CPrgmSwR2rowdy do you get a menu
rowdyi am getting error 15 when the grub tries to load the 1st option
jmbsvicettoprem: lsmod rtc ?
rowdy: Are you in the console?
premyes i get rtc when i do lsmod
CPrgmSwR2okay that means it cannot find the kernel file rowdy
jmbsvicettoprem: And no /dev/rtc ?
CPrgmSwR2can you post your grub.conf on pastebin rowdy
jmbsvicettoprem: What about /dev/misc/rtc ?
Ken69267i thought the 1st option was finding grubs stage1
hmm i should get more sleep
jmbsvicettoCPrgmSwR2: he did, look above
prem/dev/rtc is a symlink to /dev/misc/rtc
CPrgmSwR2Can you repost the link as I don't have the link anymore
jmbsvicettoKen69267: I think he means when he presses the first option in grub
rowdysure heres the link http://pastebin.ca/432100
jmbsvicetto: i am reboot rt now
should in be in in a sec
wtf..i am not getting the console any more
jmbsvicettoprem: It's the same here
premjmbsvicetto, I have only one driver compiled under 'RTC drivers' i dont' know which driver is supporting my rtc
rowdyi mean the grub doesnt seem to be loading at all
premjmbsvicetto, CONFIG_RTC_DRV_M48T86=m

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