#gentoo - Sun 1 Apr 2007 between 05:51 and 06:14

RiverRatw32? windows? I'm not using windows. Are you?
buksrolRiverRat: yes i am
RiverRatbuksrol: You aren't trying to compile it in windows are you? What are you doing, telnettinng (sshing) in to the gentoo box and emerging?
buksrol: From the devs: looks like he needs to re-emerge kdelibs w/ USE=ssl
buksrolRiverRat: last one :)
RiverRat: kdelibs are built with ssl support
let me repost the error without that distcc thing....
RiverRatbuksrol: The devs want you to join them in #gentoo-bugs
binny959anyone have any experience using digital out on a sound card? I can't get m-audio revo 7.1 to send signal to digital coax.
using alsamixer
does windows vista not play old windows XP games?
blackacewepy: ...
wepy: this is #gentoo
wepyit leads into a gentoo question ;)
actionblackace doubts that very much :)
blackacedoubts that very much :)
wepy(namely, in the future, if i want to play HL2, would it work on gentoo?)
blackacewepy: that would be a question for someone who is psychic :)
remasteris HL2 an old XP game?
Z01dHL2 is a valve game, written for windoze and then they got it working in linux using cedega
valve == boycotted IMHO - a.k.a. april fools joke
NIX90isnt there is anyway to download movies and games instead of tprrents ?
torrents *
Mirrakornix90: well of course.. you could use HTTP, FTP, SFTP, eDonkey, <insertsomeotherprotocolinhere>
watson540or irc :)
NIX90actually no1 will offer you a direct download through FTP and HTTP
Z01di get mouse lock-ups if there are cpu intensive processes running, like compiling and copying data from one harddrive to another.. is this normal? i can't remember having these symptoms before
xushisigh, am i getting too old for linux? =/
Z01dnix90: yeah, use a hub
xushi: if you can still type, then your not too old hehe
xushinix90: direct-connect, as well as irc allow for that. However, sing as this is off topic and most probably illegal, i will stop talking about it , and suggest others too for the sake and reputatin of the channel :)
Z01d: lol, well said
that made my day
actionZ01d nods @ xushi
Z01dnods @ xushi
vliii've heard of this way where you download movies and games by going to a store and giving some money in exchange
Mirrakor[10:08:27] <nix90> actually no1 will offer you a direct download through FTP and HTTP << that's defenitly not true ;)
xushiwepy: actually, this is more of a cedega/wine question. If such games are native to linux, then yes. Otherwise, it's nothing to do with the distro you use, but the emulator.

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