#gentoo - Fri 9 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:04

NightKhaosEagle_101: we mean it would be easier to start an install from stratch. :)
brianwEagle_101: I would make a stage4 before putting any major WM/DE's on there. that way you can just restore to a good state
Eagle_101NightKhaos: ow
NightKhaosEagle_101: wanna see what my KDE looks like with Beryl?
KWha1for x in `equery d kde` > do > emerge -C --ask $x > done
Eagle_101brianw: stage4?
NightKhaosEagle_101: basicly make and image of your entire HDD.
KWha1anyone had issue with breyl and hot keys ?
Eagle_101NightKhaos: right... and how do I do that?
KWha1in kde
NightKhaosKWha1: depends on the hot keys.
peksterKWha1: --ask? You'd be saying "yes" an awful lot... :)
Eagle_101and how do you do the restore :P lol
KWha1Eagle_101: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Custom_Stage4
NightKhaosEagle_101: do you have an external HDD of greater than or equal size of your systems HDD?
Eagle_101NightKhaos: no
so I can't do it :P
NightKhaosEagle_101: then you might have problems.
brianwthe stage4 is only about 2-3 GB, just place it in /home
kojiroa dvd does nicely
brianwassuming you have a separate /home of course
Eagle_101brianw: I don't
cheater-conradhi, i have a question
ask, :D
cheater-conradIm making a kernel ebuild, and im inserting 2 use flags
but they cant work together, only one can be chosen at a time
how can I do that?
brianwcheater-conrad: #gentoo-dev-help
FaeLLeanyone here use a Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG card?
brianwFaeLLe: aye
FaeLLebrianw, how did you get it to work mate?
mad93wel...i've to configure it if i can do a runing kernel XD
brianwFaeLLe: I just used the kernel drivers
which one is that
i read online somewhere not to
errobrianw: when I do emerge -puD world it shows this blocking package but when I --unmerge it it says nothing to unmerge. What do I do now? [blocks B ] <dev-python/pygtk-2.9 (is blocking dev-python/pygobject-2.12.3)
bsstephdo do do re-evmsing my desktop

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