#gentoo - Tue 6 Mar 2007 between 00:31 and 00:37

AssociateXblackace, oh, didn't think of that
thank you
igliAssociateX: don't use cat so much; grep USE /etc/make.conf works
AssociateXcat /etc/make.conf|grep USE | tr ' ' '\n' | sort -u | tr '\n' ' '
AlefBetIs there a way I can tell layman to install a local XML list of overlays?
AssociateXthat worked
bug169566Hi, I seem to be having some issues compiling unixODBC-2.2.11, it dies in unixODBC-2.2.11/libltdl when it tries to run ./libtool However it generates this file on it's own, so I can't patch it...
blackaceuseless use of cat
AlefBetThe one on the server appears to be broken.
igliblackace: :D
klingonI have a bit of a dilema..
moreonblackace: bah, I was trying to find a more elegant solution than tr ' ' '\n' :P so far I was at: grep USE /etc/make.conf | cut -d\" -f2 | couldn't figure out a specific tool that made the spaces newlines :P gotta be something! :)
actionzambaroo sets phasers on stun
zambaroosets phasers on stun
zlinAssociateX: echo "$( . /etc/make.conf && echo ${USE} )" | tr ' ' '\n' | sort -u | tr '\n' ' '
klingonI cant boot gentoo livecd without specifying nosata.. but my hd is sata..
purplepenguinit's linux
purplepenguinbut awesomer
inhalantKDE finally runs
klingonKDE rules
iglimoreon: you answered your own q i think
bug169566klingon: Might I suggest grabbing another CD based distro, like knoppix, and trying to install from within it instead? It's almost the same process once you're inside of a terminal.
moreonigli: well, in make.conf USE flags could be separated by tabs, too.
AssociateXzlin, yeah, that worked even better
moreonigli: I wanted a tool that made any whitespace non-newline into a newline :P
iglimoreon: i think tr can transliterate multiple chars
klingonbug169566, ah I never thought of that.
moreonigli: ahh, true. It probably is the most ideal :)
iglibetter to get the line and make it into an array
Adlaimoreon, why don't you just replace every whitespace with a newline
then newlines would get replaced with newlines which is not a problem
zlinmoreon: tr '[\t ]' '\n'
iglimulti-line as well
sorry grep only gets first line
blackace(. /etc/make.conf; newuse=( $(echo -e "${USE// /\\n}" | sort -u) ); echo "${newuse[@]}")
kj_synackhi all... anyone can help me to "remap" FN key with CTRL ?
moreonfine blackace. you win.

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