#gentoo - Mon 5 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:06

NeozonzWIndows cannot read LV's right?
TestDrivenBughmm, I can request n I can get in at least few hours - :)
trans13ntgentoolkit is real small
equery is the only real effective and accurate way i found though unfortunately
TestDrivenBugtrans13nt - ty for the info.
trans13ntTestDrivenBug: yw
hydrogenTestDrivenBug: can you do find /var/db/pkg -type -d -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 ?
as user
not sure if thats readable or not by default
brianwtrans13nt: `qlist -I` is way faster
hydrogenits readable by user
therefore you could do that
without isntalling special software
trans13ntbrianw: u kick ***, qlist provided by gentoolkit as well?
hydrogenqlist is portage-utils
zlinTestDrivenBug: or `cd /var/db/pkg && ls -d */*` :)
brianwtrans13nt: nope
trans13nteven better, portage-utils installs by default right?
brianwtrans13nt: afaik, no
zlintrans13nt: nope.
trans13nthmmph, it's installed on here ;-)
brianwtrans13nt: grep portage-utils /var/lib/portage/world
NeozonzAnyone know if windows can read LV's made by LVM?
TestDrivenBugeh - thansk for all those tips :)
zlinNeozonz: can't.
purplepenguinanyone use wpa_supplicant?
TestDrivenBugzlin: that did help
kojiropurplepenguin: not really
Neozonzzlin: doesn't windows use logical volumes too though?
kojiropurplepenguin: failed miserably
trans13ntbrianw: nothin
Neozonzif they're vfat, would the work then?
purplepenguinI am trying to set up my wireless network
zlinNeozonz: heh. partitions..
brianwtrans13nt: interesting
purplepenguinI'm not connecting to my DSL gateway though
I configured wpa_supplicant to use my static WEP
Neozonzzlin: ?
trans13ntbrianw: yeah, my world file is very lacking for some reason

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