#gentoo - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

sykopompkc8pxy: My mobo isn't all that old. It's a two-year-old nForce4
buddy7999sykopomp: have you tried the bcm43xx-fwcutter?
slaytanicmagesing: I've used it in the past, I'm looking for something _really simple_, k3b has too many buttons
TFKyleChrisGo: probably, but seeing as gcc 4.0 never got out of -* you probably shouldn't
magesingslaytanic: then just use an xterm and growisofs ;)
sykopompbuddy7999: I think I did, I haven't run Gentoo on my laptop in months. IIRC, fwcutter wasn't cutting it (lol)
lots of droppedpackets?
ChrisGoTFKyle really kinda bad luck for me the app i need to complie recommends 4.0.2 for no errors
ttyfsckerTFKyle:: i don't think the patches are applying right for some reason let me look into whats going on
slaytanicThat misses my pretty frontend requirement. Bleh, I think I'll just emerge nautilus.
sykopompChrisGo: Speaking from experience, changing GCC versions is the most awful thing you can possibly try and pull off on an established Gentoo installation
TFKyleChrisGo: hmm, actually looks like 4.0.2 exactly isn't in portage anymore, 4.0.4 is though
kc8pxybuddy7999: thre is a in-kernel driver for that now.. this lappy is using it.. it needs the software wifi stack, and a "cut up" firmware.. but it's native and not ndiswrapper emulated.
ChrisGosykopomp thanks :)
sykopompbuddy7999: More like didn't work at all for me :P
buddy7999in-kernel driver for the bcm43xx?
thegscottRobbieAB, wello i gtg, thanks for offering the help thouhg.. :S
TFKyleChrisGo: what compile problems are you having with it?
ChrisGo: and what is it you're trying to compile that won't with 4.1?
ChrisGoerrors in the code that i dont really want to fix
sykopompkc8pxy: Does the driver actually work now? When I tried it, it wouldn't do anything... and that was in 2.6.16 or so, I believe
errobrianw: http://paste.uni.cc/13420
ChrisGo4.1.1 was ok but now that 4.1.1rc3 came out boom
TFKylehopefully not ICE'es :D
sykopompSo, anyone have any idea how to fix the whole "last read/write is in the future" thing?
magesingChrisGo: what you could do is download the version of the GCC sources you want, build them by hand, but don't install them, then just call them from where they where built using /path/to/gcc -options sourcefile.c
ChrisGoso im trying 4.1.2 and crossing fingers
sykopompI'd really like to stop Gentoo from forcing FS checks every other time I reboot :(
ChrisGoohh yeah
brianwerro: uname -a
GeorgyoHmm... What program can I use to make md5 password hashes... Since I can't seem to find mkpasswd
TFKyleGeorgyo: md5sum?
kc8pxysykopomp: dunno about x86, but i have it running on this amd64 lappy.. bcm43xx
buddy7999md5 hashes for password or checksum?
iapitusmd5sum wouldn't salt it properly to use in something like shadow
TFKyleiapitus: ah, I was assuming he was talking about passwords that were *just* md5'ed, not unix passwords
but I'm most likely wrong
errobrianw: <buddy7999> or is there an alternative for gentoo?

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