#gentoo - Thu 29 Mar 2007 between 01:58 and 13:31

tdr_mmiller changing chost is not a simple thing
mmiller follow the guide, you'll be ok
npcDhraakellian, do lsmod and get the modules that kubuntu autoload for the nics.
Dhraakellian, recompile your kernel with those modules and try again
npcDhraakellian, modprobe module_name if it doesnt get autoloaded by udev
Dhraakellianand I should probably upgrade my kernel one of these days too
npcDhraakellian, and then bring that eth# up.
ifconfig eth# up
actionDhraakellian is still using 2.6.15-gentoo-rsomething
Dhraakellianis still using 2.6.15-gentoo-rsomething
npc: okay
npc2.6.15 is nice. :)
Dhraakellianwhat's the current version out?
npcthe good news is if kubuntu sees it, the nic is working.
MikeJonesDhraakellian, gentoo or vanilla?
npcDhraakellian, i think 2.6.20
Dhraakellianany reason to upgrade for the average user?
npci'm currenty on 2.6.18, last suspend2-sources on stable tree
mmillerFrom what I read in the instructions. I should rebuild gcc to 4.1.1 and then change my chost.
phoulanyone at all =\
scriptdevilcan anybody help me get going with apache?
npcDhraakellian, there is some libata improvements on sata stuff.
chitheadDhraakellian: security updates and fixes for dataloss problems
npcmmiller, follow the howto and you'll be okay. :)
scriptdevillike how do i view the page localhost/~scriptdevil/index.html
npcscriptdevil, that's tricky, mate.
OutoLumoscript, make a symlink?
npcscriptdevil, you've got to change some apache.conf settings
neuro_damageso I have a problem revdep-rebuild can't find :: emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "=app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.1-r2".
npcOutoLumo, no symlinking, you can set the paths on apache.conf
scriptdevilnpc: i remember doing itin arhc.. i dont remember how
npcit's been a long time, lemme check my setup
i might be helpful in some way
RendCould someone tell me why this wont work: echo "blah blah blah" | read -r xx yy zz; echo "$zz"
ttye0What e-mail client can I use to communicate with my microsoft exchange server?
npcyey! my apache setup still works after 1 and half years. :)
scriptdevilnpc: one sec... refining my question.. do all users by default have power to use the server??
npclemme check the conf.

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