#gentoo - Wed 28 Mar 2007 between 01:34 and 01:54

VanessaEah...sorry :(
at least you got the accel problem fixed :)
dotdotdotVanessaE--> i think that was a problem that only came into play when switching over to legacy drivers, then back to regular, careless mistake
zlost1ok well editing XSESSION didnt help
sorry /etc/rc.conf didnt fix it
if i type startx it doesnt start kde. if i type start kde it doesnt start x
dotdotdotecho "startkde" > .xinitrc && startx
VanessaEstartx is controll...yeah
what she said.
VanessaEok, he :)
(the one time I try to guess and I miss)
ok, I'm out before I end up with keyboard impressions on my forehead..
_Iwonder_zlost1: what is permission of ~/.Xinitrc
or xinitdc
whicjever it is
zlost1ill have to look, x just started
echo "startkde" > .xinitrc && startx worked, will it stay that way now ?
dotdotdotzlost1--> yes, everytime you type startx kde will run
_Iwonder_i use kdm to start kde
zlost1ok i did that as root, will i need to do it as user now too ?
dotdotdotzlost1--> you can even set up gdm/xdm/kdm or w/e so you dont have to login twice
_Iwonder_zlost1: yes for each user that wasnts it that way and that user must own the xinitrc
squidlyis there an emerge option to tell portage to remove the /usr/potage/disfiles after I have built something?
_Iwonder_but is easiest to emerge kdm then rc-update add xdm default
tdr_Iwonder_, and set xdm so it loads kdm rather than xdm
_Iwonder_yes in rc.comf
tdrno, in /etc/conf.d/xdm
the place has changed
zlost1im ok with manual. i hate the desktop managers starting automaticaly
_Iwonder_i didn't have to
tdr_Iwonder_ soon it won't be honored from rc.conf
_Iwonder_i actually didn't have to edit rc.conf
but i log in console then type kdm
if i want x
and of course leave off the rc-update
zlost1i dont spose you guys know how to force the desktop into 24 bit ?
reisiozlost1: color depth?

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