#gentoo - Tue 27 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

grknightcilly: you probably could.. but not without borking up something
brianwn17ikh|Lappy: emerge --info | grep ACCEPT_KEYWORDS
cillygrknight: yeah, right
n17ikh|LappyI'm x86 then
cillygrknight: and the last I wanna do is ruin my logfiles :)
tdrcilly quota support is under filesystems in the kernel config
cillygrknight: well, after 21 days up it is nice to know the machine still reboots without a hassle.
grknightcilly: and don't make the mistake of quota'ing any daemon x.x
JB318n17ikh|Lappy: Hmm, and 4.2.2 is the latest on x86. But you can't upgrade to it. Cute!
cillytdr: I know
n17ikh|Lappywell, it doesn't want to update to it
brianwkhicks: a little vague there
n17ikh|Lappyit would if I forced it
but brianw's description of how world and -D works make sense
JB318n17ikh|Lappy: That was my next suggestion, to force it.
cillytdr: but what would you have to do if the user level program gets upgraded?
brianwno need to force it though
n17ikh|Lappyit just irks me that when I tell it to upgrade everything it doesn't
brianwwhy update it just for the sake of updating it?
cillygrknight: oh, I use it for postfix though :)
n17ikh|Lappybecause this is gentoo :p
JB318n17ikh|Lappy: I'm not sure that his model was right though... Well I haven't done a sync yet today, I'm going to try and see if I get any deep deps to upgrade
tdrcilly, well there are two different qutoa versions, so userland utilites might change to use the new format. other than that, nothing.
cillygrknight: or it is nice to have for apache
khicksbrainx: i install cnet (network simulation program that was a command line and gui interface) by using emerge cnet, everything installed and now I want to start the program with the gui interface, how do i do so?
grknightcilly: i'd quota the user (because postfix will write it AS the user)
brianwkhicks: man cnet
cillytdr: yes, that's what I did, but what about apache if you have an upload dir?
JB318khicks: Either look for the docs with the program, or (what I often do): equery files cnet
cillytdr: well 1 GB might be enough reserve... just to stop the possibility someone fills your hd with crump
tdrcilly the new quota format still supports the older one afaik
Bizarro181supern00b question on the way....beryl is just a window manager, so I need to install something like gnome or kde then beryl to make it all fancy correct?
tdrcilly, enough reserve for being able to boot or something?
cillytdr: okay, I upgraded to the newer quota
brianwBizarro181: #gentoo-xeffects
dotdotdotBizarro181--> you will need to set up XGL then obtain beryl and your choice of xfce, gnome or kde, but have fun in #gentoo-xeffects b/c its dead :)
jubo1Bizarro181: probably best to run it with KDE or Gnome, but you can run it alone with a terminal
cillytdr: na, I mean if I set a quota limit for the apache user, currently using about 300MB, i.e. I set a limit to 1 GB so if someone uploads, they can not fill up the entire hd...
Bizarro181I see thanks :)
jubo1beryl is really cool for a few minutes, but then you gotta get some work done :-)

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