#gentoo - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

roger55zlost1, oh well, it worked fine for me with the 2.6.17 kernel that came on the cd.
vrkhansbut i live cd it is the same , right
roger55vrkhans, that's just a tool to install gentoo.
zlost1so what now, is there annother way to get a kernel besides compile ?
vrkhansroger55, which desktop manager you use , or which one is good
roger55zlost1, sure, compile it yourself.
vrkhans, I use kde, you can choose whatever you like. ubuntu and the cd use gnome
zlost1make menuconfig ... make bzimage and copy ?
roger55vrkhans, xfce I hear is also very nice.
zlost1, right, or genkernel --menuconfig all
zlost1thats what i just did and it failed
vrkhansya thats what i am using in my other system with ubuntu
zlost1genkernel i mean
ConstrabusXaeroX And what flag wouyld that be
roger55zlost1, if at first you don't succeed do it yourself :)
vrkhansits pretty light
brianwall xfce needs is an applet for networkmanager :)
roger55vrkhans, fluxbox is another windowmanager, very lightweight. smaller than kde's startupsound :)
brianwat least for my laptop...
vrkhansroger should i just re try to install so that all my sound card and other packages will install again
uberpinguinmark_alec: thx
roger55vrkhans, no, you should read the guide I showed you.
vrkhanswhat about the packages
roger55vrkhans, this isn't ubuntu, in gentoo you fix stuff instead of reinstalling.
roger55vrkhans, what packages?
vrkhansbut i dont know much about emerge and commond prompt
roger55vrkhans, I suggest you start by reading the handbook's 2nd chapter
vrkhanswho it work
vrkhanshow it work
brianwvrkhans: then don't use gentoo, or learn...
vrkhansemerge and command prompt, i just move from windows
roger55vrkhans, http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=2
vrkhanswhat if i made any mistake in install , does it make any problem
roger55vrkhans, there is your introduction to portage/emerge and things, and this http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/list.xml is a list of fine manuals for almost everything :)
vrkhans, no, there is nothing almost that you cannot fix later.
andreyvulcan't compile kernel: error at arch/i386/kernel/i8259.c: error: `IRQF_NODELAY` unitinitialized here (not a function)
rulliehi guys, i did a emerge -DN world recently, and it broke some of my firefox's utf character display. Though it works in terminals and gtk apps. Any idea what is wrong?

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