#gentoo - Sat 24 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:12

chithead[vern]: if a packet exceeds mtu of an interface along the route, that host sends an icmp packet with maximum mtu back to the source
heebiechithead: Good trouble shoot on that! :)
[vern]chithead: so if the icmp is getting blocked then the sending host never finds out that it is sending something too big?
chithead[vern]: exactly. however, mostly ppp users suffer from that (pppoe, pptp)
BigJgaillard_, did it work?
gaillard_what do i add on the grub for another linux distro on the other drive?
still working :(
would i put what i have for gentoo except different kernel?
BigJdepends on where the kernel is stored
its ubuntu
BigJi am unfamiliar with it you would have to read the ubuntu docs or look around your directory tree
to see if you can find it
[vern]chithead: thanks for your help!
heebie: thanks for your time also!
nite nite folks
heebievern: Cool that it's working!
sss-any idea why when i install nvidia-drivers9755-r1; and when i exit X the console is all blury and i need a reboot to read it again, but if i use 8776.ebuild everything is fine, is there any fix for this exit/x unusable console thingo ?
heebiesss-: Sounds like there's a problem with the newer build and your particular video card. I'm using the 9755's without a problem here.
Thing is I had the same problem in Freebsd on the same laptop
so you think just use 8776 yeah
Its weird tho it works perfectly in X
heebiesss-: Are the nVidia drivers for BSD the same binary blob (read: adapted windows driver) as the Linux drivers are?
ztomicsss-, I think you are playing us.
ztomicsss-, like a game.
sss-Nah im just saying in Freebsd i had the same problem, when I would exit X the console screen would be blury and unreadable
ztomicsss-, come on man.
heebieYou had to have X drivers for the BSD box..were those supplied by nVidia?
sss-whats your problem ztomic ?
if you're not gonna help then dont speak
chitheadsss-: have you tried with/without vesafb?
sss-hrm how do i do that ?
chitheadsss-: exit X, modprobe vesafb && modprobe fbcon
sss-FATAL: Module vesafb not found.
gotta compile it in the kernel aye
fuck it

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