#gentoo - Fri 2 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:15

AidanJTit's hard to find a nice corner desk around here
defacethis was like 180$
if i had more room, i'd get another
AidanJTnot a bad price at all
defacenah, but cant talk about it, ops get pissed at me
gentoo only!
AidanJTwee, C3 is cooking!!.. gotta love lenghty builds on low-power cpus
i hope uclibc links this time
you could beat someone to death with the big lump of aluminum that's in this thing lol
head, beat, wall
eatnumber1what ebuild provides the gnome-volume-control?
perplxgnome-applets I believe
RiverRateatnumber1: gnome-extra/gnome-media (/usr/bin/gnome-volume-control)
VarangerHow can I check what are the inmediate dependencies of a installed package??
marienzVaranger: pquery -v --attr alldepends --vdb packagename (emerge pkgcore)
RiverRatVaranger: Look in the ebuild or emerge -avDt <pkg>
eatnumber1RiverRat, thx
marienzVaranger: output's a bit prettier if you run it with --raw and without --vdb (get the use flags shown that way)
(using pquery has the advantage over looking at the ebuild that it shows deps added by eclasses and other "dynamic" deps correctly)
ner0xWho here actually has "doc" in their /etc/make.conf ?
USE flag that is.
trans13ntis libflash what i want to be able to view flash stuffs in firefox?
marienzner0x: not globally, but it's enabled on a few packages I actually use the docs for.
NewCastleScottwhat problems can come from enableing NSA SELinux Support when making a kernel?
marienzner0x: I usually use a browser for docs, I'd use the flag more on a box with a crummy or no net connection.
NewCastleScott: if not set in enforcing by default it shouldn't cause any problems.
NewCastleScott: if you set it enforcing the box probably won't boot.
Dan_getoo_n00bOh yea, everybody know about that SED problem with libtool-1.5.23x? It's broken, you have to export SED=sed or downgrade to 1.5.22
marienzNewCastleScott: also see hardened.gentoo.org and/or #gentoo-hardened.
Dan_getoo_n00bjust FYI
NewCastleScottahh i see thanks
zlinDan_getoo_n00b: is that an issue with anything else than mysql?
marienzDan_getoo_n00b: I'm on libtool 1.5.23b and have not seen anything fail completely yet, although I saw some gettext-related stuff scroll by that makes me wonder if everything is ok.
zlinDan_getoo_n00b: I haven't had any problems with it. but I haven't tried to install mysql either..
Dan_getoo_n00bcare for some logs?
tdrsed works fine here
Dan_getoo_n00bI had the problem with glibc
I saw some info on the german gentoo forums too (had to babelfish it)
zlinDan_getoo_n00b: ok.

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