#gentoo - Sat 17 Mar 2007 between 00:19 and 00:27

DarBarfoh man... i hope now
winkeywhats the command to fix the world file?
[R]winkey: fix?
DarBarf: well which one did you get
winkeywell remove the deps from it
Eagle_101eternaleye; mind if I ask you later if I have problems with this?
[R]its called not screwing up when using emerge in the first place i thought
eternaleyeNo problem.
DarBarfi have stage3-x86-2006.1.tar.bz2
winkey[R] no theres a damn app, don't be insulting
hydrogenwinkey: regenworld
winkeyHydrogen thank you hopefully i won't forget it again, but i seldom use it
DarBarfso i don't think that was wrong.. hmmm
winkeythere should be a cool cheat sheet for portage
[R]DarBarf: what cpu do you have?
xerophytedoes anybody like the domain name www.linuxbee.org to put all the info i collected for the past few month about linux ?/
[R]well then thats the very wrong stage tarball to get
DarBarfseriously? wtf.. what should i hvae grabbed, then? i didn't see anyting else that seemed right... fuuuuuuuuck
[R]to QUOTE the handbook
Most PC users should use the stage3-i686-2006.1.tar.bz2 stage3 archive.
blackaceDarBarf: language.
hydrogenthe stage being named x86 was kind of a silly thing to do
it should have been named i386
DarBarfoh man... how could i have missed that..
[R]i have an idea
actionDarBarf tries not to throw his laptop across the room and starts again ... then cries
DarBarftries not to throw his laptop across the room and starts again ... then cries
Invisible_Slack[R], Just outta curiousity can you be anymore of a fucking prick?
[R]Invisible_Slack: oh, i could be 10x more
RiverRatInvisible_Slack: language
Madis there any way to fix a hard drive not showing up on the Live CD?
blackaceInvisible_Slack: ahem, language.
[R]: don't.
[R]Mad: what kind of controller is it on?
Invisible_Slack[R], Sorry I thought IRC was to help people not look down on them and treat them like trash?
[R]guess you were wrong
Invisible_Slack[R], Or is it just lets treat people like moron's when they try?
Mad<[R]>: SATA, it works when I boot linux from the HD

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