#gentoo - Thu 15 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:16

meeseontheleesecrdlb, then I switch to beryl and it tells me xgl absent and beryl no composite extension running
AssociateXanyone know where seamonkey stores its cache?
zutmecrdlb, can i tell it where to save the files on a per-torrent basis. if so how?
kusznirgermieb: your question came through.
germiebkusznir: thanks
crdlbmeeseontheleese, let's go to #gentoo-xeffects
meeseontheleeseI get this after trying to switch to beryl http://rafb.net/p/hCxLAV40.html
crdlb, mk, im in there, anyone want to join and help?
kusan123richiefrich, unfortunately emerge -C is unable to work, it says "Couldn't find 'xproto' to unmerge", but when i run emerge -uDav world i get this "[blocks B ] >=x11-proto/xproto-7.0.6 (is blocking x11-libs/libX11-1.0.1-r1)" being the only thing blocking my update.....any suggestions?
shellsageanyone have an idea on how to *disable* a usb device? specifically a wireless keyboard?
Fieldyother than unplugging it, not sure
richiefrichkusan123: emerge -C x11-proto/xproto
Skunkyshellsage: unplug it.
richiefrichkusan123: same>
kusan123richiefrich, this is what it tells me"Couldn't find 'x11-proto/xproto' to unmerge."
do you think i should reinstall without x11 or gnome, sync, update and then reinstall x and kde..etc??
shellsagemy girlfriend's receiver is picking up my wireless keyboard
so I'm typing for her
chjuniorguys, since my last emerge --update, all my gtk apps are very different (and ugly, I've to say)... how to configure it?
shellsageand I can't switch channels
richiefrichkusan123: then emerge -pv =x11-libs/libX11-1.0.1-r1
kusan123: ?
kusan123richiefrich, i imd you my output is that ok?
richiefrichkusan123: looks ok no B
rgkI fsck /dev/hda1 and fsck /dev/hda3 and its fine, any ideas what is causing the disk book failure?
n17ikh|Lappyit's me
I'm causing the disk boot failure
just so you know.
this sucks ass. just trying to get it resolved.
chjuniorguys, since my last emerge --update, all my gtk apps are very different (and ugly, I've to say)... how to configure it?
thestaskusznir: i hope this is enough http://paste-it.net/1612
Skunkychjunior: did you fail to re-emerge whatever theme engine you're using?
thestaskusznir here is also the other half http://paste-it.net/1613
emilylovei'm doing the mysql install wiki on http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/mysql-howto.xml. I just typed in the line emerge --config =dev-db/mysql-5.0.26 and it says there is no such package found..did I miss something?
EricBettsI'm having trouble loading the link http://xrl.us/rhxw from the topic, can anyone provide a mirror or alternate link?
FieldyEricBetts: yeah i'm looking into it right now

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