#gentoo - Wed 14 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:12

desultoryg9sh: net.lo should be listed as started
g9shdesulto: it's not
sapplingAnyone know if evolution has a plugin for http support, I wanted to setup my htomail account
desultoryg9sh: start it
desultory: how do I do that?
Shadow_milhow do I get glxtools?
g9shdesultory: pardon my n00bness
Shadow_millike glxgears and glxinfo
kraftbotthose are part of xorg if i'm not mistaken
desultoryg9sh: as root: /etc/init.d/net.lo start
Shadow_milkraftbot: can you do which glxinfo for me
desultoryg9sh: net.lo is configured to start in the boot runlevel, correct?
kraftbotit's in /usr/bin/glxgears
same for glxinfo
g9shran it, but then ran rc-status boot | grep net and it still says 'stopped'
Shadow_milI have xorg 7.1 installed
richiefrichhalf-height PCi wifi card linux compatible anyone know of a good one
Shadow_milI have gl support
richiefrichi need ti for my carpc runnin gentoo :D
kraftbotI placed VIDEO_CARDS="radeon" in make.conf for my chipset
pmkgreetings, fellow gentoids
desultoryg9sh: try /etc/init.d/net.lo zap then /etc/init.d/net.lo start
squarebottleHey, I'm doing an install right now, and I'm not sure what the internet connection is. Is there something I can type to tell me if I'm using eth0 or eth1 and all that stuff?
kraftbotifconfig -a
desultoryg9sh: if that does not work, we can ignore it for now and move on to trying to diagnose the wireless
kraftbotnetstat -rn for routers
g9shdesultory: did that, no output
desultory: ran grep, still stopped
desultoryg9sh: is three any output when you run: ifconfig | grep lo
g9shdesultory: none at all
Fifthanyone setup IPsec before?
Eagle_101mzbot faq IPsec
mzbot: faq IPsec
mzbotEagle_101: No such faq
Eagle_101mzbot: wiki IPsec
mzbotEagle_101: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_IPSEC
Eagle_101Fifth, there ;)

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