#gentoo - Tue 13 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:06

EFIhi all
EFIi have a problem with framebuffer
sorry, my english is very poor
mortideuswhats your problem?
EFIi'm spanish
i don't have /dev/fb0
i don't use genkernel
Caplainhow do i boot a gentoo live cd with a boot floppy?
EFImy card is ati radeon x550
actionbrianw hugs elog
brianwhugs elog
rullieHello, I sometime get a block of flash overlaying an area of html in firefox 2. How do I fix that issue?
EFIi probed, vesafb and radeonfb
meeseontheleesemarienz, added, mtrr, brb
EFIand tried various kernels
brianwrullie: tell the webmaster to learn how to code
rullie: or block the flash
rulliebrianw: but I don't get it in xp
EFI2.6.19 and 2.6.20
mortideusrullie, its still the coder
brianwrullie: xp is not a browser
EFIi get this error, with vesafb
mortideusrullie, its just windows lets things slip
rullie, try using SeaMonkey
rulliebrianw: can you check worldofwarcraft.com
EFIvesafb: BUG, returned from vm86 with ffffffff (EIP: 0xfac09)
rulliei get a border of black stuff around the middle flash
EFIvesafb: Sorry, pre-VBE 2.0 cards are not supported.
vesafb: vbe_init failed
rullieand I know it's not suppose to bleed out like that, at least it doesn't on xp
brianwrullie: yup
nbagsok, i've got a really really really weird problem. i'm using apache2 with mod_python, but when i emerge 'mysql-python', now when i browse to a .py page, i get a 404 not found. if i remove mysql-python, all goes back to normal. any ideas?
rulliebrianw: is that a unfixable issue?
EFIin google, i don't find nothing about them
brianwrullie: they only code for IE apparently
VarangerI am having some problems with udev
rulliebrianw: eh... but it looks fine in firefox under xp
EFIbut, lived fb run good
mortideusrullie, have you tried using a diff browser, like SeaMonkey?

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