#gentoo - Mon 12 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

|Leto|did you set your chipset properly?
meeseontheleese: your agp-chipset that is
meeseontheleese|Leto| yes, nforce, though I dont think its nforce 2, it might be 3, thats the main dif I can think of
|Leto|meeseontheleese: lol
meeseontheleese: you should be sure beforehand :-D
meeseontheleese: what does lspci tell you?
meeseontheleese|Leto| lol, I know its nforce
|Leto| nforce3
mr|venom`omg, nonsense!
meeseontheleese|Leto| http://rafb.net/p/U0esEI99.html
sapplingWhere does the make menuconfig .config save too?
mr|venom`i rebooted a system (had correct time even with the new DST stuff) and it claims that /etc/init.d /etc/conf.d or rc.conf have been modified in the FUTURE
|Leto|Sappling: where you run it: /usr/src/linux
reisioSappling: decent kernel build line will put a copy in /boot/
sappling>.< duh
|Leto|Sappling: if you don't know how files are hidden you shouldn't configure your own kernel ...
Robstafariansometimes I forget to make a copy of the config in /boot after a compile
Treviemr|venom`: Make sure your system and hardware clocks are both right.
mr|venom`doing that now.
sappling|Leto|, Sorry did not know it'd be a hidden file , I'm set view hidden files on. Although yes, I probably do not know the tag for hidden files when checking ls -l I believe
TrevieIf ntpdate or ntpd run on startup you might get some warnings until either runs.
Robstafarianin which case, I just read /proc/config.gz into a file once I boot the new kernel
mr|venom`CLOCK_SYSTOHC="no" <-- :(
|Leto|Sappling: you don't have to apologize for being a newbie; i just want to prevent you from doing something stupid ;)
actionsappling smiles
|Leto|meeseontheleese: ok, i guess you should have a look at your kernel-config again.
meeseontheleese: have a look for the agp-chipset
meeseontheleese: if it's the correct one
RobstafarianSappling: maybe I missed this, why are you configuring a kernel?
|Leto|meeseontheleese: and be sure to have it built as a module, as well as agpgart. and make especially sure drm is switched off.
meeseontheleese|Leto| looking at it now, its on nforce/nforce2
actionRobstafarian enjoys IRC with the help of a screwdriver
Robstafarianenjoys IRC with the help of a screwdriver
|Leto|meeseontheleese: nforce3 ain't mentioned?
action|Leto| wants a screwdriver, too :(
|Leto|wants a screwdriver, too :(
meeseontheleese|Leto| no, but it does specfic on cpu gart, I wonder if thats needed?
Robstafarianmeeseontheleese: I think nForce3 was an AMD64 chipset only
meeseontheleese: therefore, you'd need the Athlon64/Opteron on-chip GART
sapplingRobstafarian, Well on my journey to get flgrx module running I believe I found out I was running the wrong kernel 2.6.17-r7 when I wanted 2.6.19-r5. So after compiling the new kernel making sure it's config followed ati's I got the error about root device not being detected.

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