#gentoo - Sat 10 Mar 2007 between 01:04 and 01:20

pekstertruk77: Indeed
mzbot: gentoo truk77 rsync mirror
mzbotpekster: got status 502, retrying in 10 seconds
zlinstealth: I honestly don't know. you've already borked your system so I'm not sure how or if it's fixable at this point. take a look at that guide though..
mzbotpekster: got status 502, retrying in 10 seconds
pekster: google api probably malfunctioned, I gave up
slacker403does lighttpd log ssl connections made to it ????
zlinmarienz: fix your bot! :P
pekstertruk77: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Local_Rsync_Mirror
truk77mzbot, pekster: thanks
pekstermzbot: Thank me by kicking the bot on your way out :P
gourangaonly 138 packages to go...
zackglennie--gouranga: installing KDE?
iglibrianw: was squarebottle_ using eth1394 as you recall? what module for the other card?
tdrigli i hate eth1394, it caused me grief this week
brianwigli: ? you mean eagle?
iglitdr: it's working on the live disk for some reason as eth0 he has a Marvell gigabit as well
brianw: oops my bad :)
gourangazackglennie--: update -uD world
brianwigli: iirc, eagle just has a dual realtek
zlingouranga: heh
iglithe Marvell errors with IPv6 error for some reason (on the live disk)
brianw: cool, wrong user :D
gourangalooks like in should be glad kde isn't installed...
tdrigli my system i built was calling it eth0 zero as well. even built as a module, it was building in something under 1394 that was causing eth1934 to load and claim eth0
zlingouranga: s/update/emerge/
gourangazlin: uh, yeah
zlin: this is my first go
iglitdr: what did you do?
zlinRemote-- :p
tdrigli ripped out all net over firewire support cuz it drove me half nuts
ok so i need to jfgi
tdrigli, the livecd it worked normal on, it's the newer kernels that were building the other stuff in
found the module it's sk98lin
Eagle_101it works brianw

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