#gentoo - Thu 1 Mar 2007 between 04:02 and 04:09

NightKhaosgeoaxis: modules I mean.
geoaxisNightKhaos: yes I had an idea about that
NightKhaosgeoaxis: odd I do have an /etc/modules.d/alsa
ivanmgeoaxis: find /lib/modules/2.6.18-suspend2-r1/ -type f -iname '\''*.o'\'' -or -iname '\''*.ko'\''
NightKhaosgeoaxis: you did specify "ALSA_CARDS" in make.conf?
ivanmreplace the suspend2 bit with whatever kernel you have... that should tell you all the modules you have
geoaxisNightKhaos: since I am using kernel based alsa I dont think there is a need
xerophyte_if you put fallback 1 in the grub menu.lst will that boot with kernel 1 if the kernel 0 panic ?
NightKhaosgeoaxis: there is now.
geoaxisNightKhaos: the correct modules are already loaded
NightKhaosgeoaxis: alsa-firmware requires it.
geoaxisNightKhaos: can you elaborate , perhaps a link
ivanmNightKhaos: well, I don't have ALSA_CARD in my make.conf...
NightKhaosgeoaxis: gentoo.org RSS feed... am I the ONLY one who is subscribed.
ivanmbut I have installed alsa-lib, asla-oss, alsa-headers and alsa-utils
MaxdamantusHmm.. Can anyone help on getting my sound working? :X
ivanm"A warning about upcoming changes to ALSA"... note the "upcoming"
there isn't a need as yet ;)
but there will be
cahootMaxdamantus: the alsa doc on gentoo.org
NightKhaosmzbot: teach Maxdamantus about alsa
mzbotMaxdamantus: ALSA is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, providing audio- and midi functionality to Linux. It is a huge improvement over the old OSS driver, being SMP- and thread-safe, fully modularized and supporting a huge range of audio devices. It is also backwards compatible with OSS if you have set USE="oss" as well as USE="alsa". See http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/alsa-guide.xml
sintheteki am unclear as to why portage creates .compiled and .unpacked or whatever when it doesn't observe them automatically
blackacexerophyte_: no, grub is a bootloader, kernel panics occur after the kernel has loaded...grub fallback works if the kernel isn't there, can't be loaded, etc.
MaxdamantusI thought ALSA was a driver. :X
NightKhaoscahoot: learn how to use mzbot. he don't bite.
Maxdamantus: alsa is the service that runs the driver for your card.
sinthetekwhy is it that when a merge fails due to something like disk consumption, --resume doesn't continue from where it left off?
blackacesinthetek: not possible.
sinthetekis there an emerge flag i'm missing or...?
NightKhaosMaxdamantus: so... what seems to be the problem?
sinthetekblackace: why not?
blackacesinthetek: build system dependent, not up to portage.
MaxdamantusIt doesn't work.. I'll read this documentation. Hang on.
ivanmeuse -h
NightKhaosMaxdamantus: define "doesn't work"
ivanmsorry, that should have gone into my terminal
MaxdamantusI can't hear any sound on Gentoo. :S
sinthetekblackace: portage creates .compiled and such and i can resume the process manually with the ebuild command, why can't portage do it automatically?
NightKhaosMaxdamantus: 1) are you in the audio group 2) have you setup alsa for your card 3) did you add it to the default runlevel 4) do you need help with any of the above?

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