#gentoo - Mon 26 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

DrChandramarloshome: Do you have any msdfs settings? This is starting to look like a misconfiguration.
cybaneI am doing that but there are so many choices
Adlaikeep going
it'll take a while but it's worth it
cybaneAlso there are some naming conventions I need to work but not many people are responding in gentoo-ppc
marloshomeDrChandra, out of desperation i added a msdfs proxy = no from some blog i came across - let me take that out
Silent1mark" VFS: Cannot open root device "sda3" or unknown-block(0,0) / Please append a correct "root=" boot option" what did I break? :-\
marloshomeDrChandra, but, keep in mind, this config has been running for better than a year, it just stopped after this last emerge
Silent1markI think I broke grub
DrChandramarloshome: Looks like what's setting it off is the proxy being set to something other than an empty string.
Neozonzhow do I go from gnome-light to original gnome?
is there an upgrade package or something?
marloshomeDrChandra, ok, that changes things, it lists the shares now, but i still can't log in - fetching new log...
Neozonzor do I have to umerge light and then emerge the normal?
impulzehydrogen: any suggestions?
kuryhow can I determine the resolution of my laptops webcam?
EnterUserNamehey eix broke!
after i emerged portage eix broke..
DrChandraEnterUserName: Did you emerge eix?
EnterUserNamedoing it now
i hope it fixes it
DrChandraEnterUserName: update-eix
EnterUserNamei did that
DrChandraEnterUserName: No,
EnterUserNamethats what broke it :)
endraIt didn't break anything, you have to update the database yourself :-)
DrChandraEnterUserName: Uh, OK, emerge it
EnterUserNameoh it didnt break it ?
b_hey all
DrChandraEnterUserName: After portage changes, update-eix
EnterUserNameoh ok
endraNo, it did not. eix uses its own database of the applicatiosn, and when you sync, it will tell you taht the database is out of date, and you should run update-eix to bring it up to date
of the ebuilds/packages is what I meant, not applications
DrChandraEnterUserName: Use eix-sync to sync portage. That does the update-eix for you.
Logix101oh this is me afk ChrisGo and I have been struggling for weeks learning Gentoo and all your help has really paid off.. thanks!
marloshomeDrChandra, http://rafb.net/p/dXyDkR71.html - thanks for the help
RamblurrDrChandra: are you there still?
endraLogix101: how do you like it so far

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