#gentoo - Sun 25 Feb 2007 between 00:38 and 00:44

AcuraxFor some reason everytime a message saying "would you really like to close this application" my system freezes for a second then contiues to prompt me
AcuraxHow would i fix this?
RiverRatMeowCats: The only thing that looks odd is all the FireFoxes and I don't know what's up there.
MaxdamantusOk, gonna try now.
chitheadacurax: terminate applications with xkill? maybe not ;-)
THorribleMaxdamantus: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pspirc/
MaxdamantusIf I hibernate Windows XP now, will I be able to go into Gentoo CD, then boot Gentoo from HDD, then come back?
Yea, I saw that a while ago.
MeowCatsRiverRat, well, lots of hald-addon-keyboard, agetty, bonobo, three terminals.. I don't understand
MaxdamantusDidn't bother getting it going though.. I'll try now.
MikeHanchoremember process roulette or whatever. the program that would randomly kill a process?
NeozonzRiverRat: How do I know which module is for network cards? :O there's a alot lol
MikeHancho that sounds like a fun process to add to rc-update >:D
THorribleMaxdamantus: Good luck, you'll need to contribute to the development process if you are serious about irc on psp
Neozonzhell with irc.
MaxdamantusI probably won't use it very often..
Neozonzgentoo on psp ftw :p
RiverRatMeowCats: There is an agetty for each text terminal (notice the tty is different), don't know about hald stuff, and bonobo & gnome-settings make it look like you are logged into Gnome 3 times.
THorribleWho would want gentoo?
MaxdamantusI'd rather not try running Gentoo on PSP..
I managed to get a Linux Console emulated on it with Bochs though..
MikeHanchoi'm logged onto gnome 3 times
chitheadTHorrible: yay, tuxracer and tuxkart on PSP
RiverRatNeozonz: Welcome to computerized russian roulette. :/ Try until you get it figured.
MaxdamantusPointless without a keyboard.
MeowCatsRiverRat, weird
THorribleI'd want Vista running on PSP before I want gentoo running on it...
MaxdamantusMeh, here I go.. Hope it works.
NeozonzRiverRat: Your killing me lol
actionMikeHancho whips up a quick roulette
MikeHanchowhips up a quick roulette
THorrible24 Black
AcuraxCan anyone help me find a solution to my freezing problem?
MikeHanchoacurax: kerosene
NeozonzHow do I list all the things connected to my computer... pci something?
chitheadacurax: while the application is frozen, is cpu used 100% or what?

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