#gentoo - Thu 22 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

MacSxIs there a nice looking "Go" game in portage? (board game)
tardo[lt]esearch go?
esearch go | grep game
cybaneHey Night is there a linux updated for DynDNS?
MacSxI saw some, but they look like shit, excuse me the lanugage
mattmattehNightKhaos, no, testing the ebuilds. and modifying if necessary
Disenchanted, this an install ? or livecd ?
JackieRipperCybane: net-dns/updatedd is in portage
Disenchantedmattmatteh: live
mattmattehCybane, yes
MacSxtardo[lt]: would be nice with a clean Go application, nice maybe with some 3d effects
mattmattehDisenchanted, i dont have that network card, i would have to search it.
JB318So I gathered that #gentoo is not #sabayon... I happen to know what #gentoo is, but what's #sabayon??
mattmattehDisenchanted, no other network card ther ?
actionmattmatteh doesnt know what sabayon is either
mattmattehdoesnt know what sabayon is either
JackieRippersabayon is another distro based on gentoo
mattmattehDisenchanted, another OS there ?
DisenchantedThere was windows. Works fine on Windows.
reisioDisenchanted: ?
cybaneThis means that I am going to have to setup static IPs on my router
mattmattehDisenchanted, usb thumb drive ?
Disenchantedreisio: I'm having ethernet problems.
mattmatteh: /is/ it a thumb drive? No.
mattmattehDisenchanted, have a usb thumb drive ? (sorry)
Disenchantedmattmatteh: Unfortunately, I do not.
fietronicWoot, I totally remember how to display an updating view of what emerge is doing.
mattmattehDisenchanted, an outdated floppy ?
Disenchantedmattmatteh: No floppy drive :(
davois i686 arch the same as x86?
reisioDisenchanted: ah, maybe it's a winmodem
Disenchantedreisio: winmodem?
davoor the x means any of them right?
iapitusdavo, yes and no - x86 is typically (in OS speak) used to refer to i386 compiled/optimized code, whereas i686 is optimized (typically) to include things like mmx
Byandavo: x86 ussually means 386+
reisioDisenchanted: a modem that uses more software (as opposed to hardware) than most
River_Ratdavo: i686 is peniutm pro or better

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