#debian - Sat 5 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

abrotmanthere's no beryl in debian
rissygoogle it, it's just something that allows you to have lot's of fancy things
maddashsissy: use compiz
actionAmarande pokes dpkg
Amarandepokes dpkg
maddashrissy: ^^
bzedAmarande: will be merged with compiz soon, search for compi
rissymaddash, doesn't compiz come with all those extra fancy things that beryl (same company) has though?
maddashrissy: yeah. it's addicting.
i don't really like that "3d desktop" or "curled windows" stuff
i'm just looking for window border shadows on it's own
if there isn't any package that does that, i'll install compiz as my last resort however
maddashrissy: depends on your wm.
Amarandeis gnome actually a wm?
abrotmansawfish or metacity or something else ?
Amarandewhat -is- the default wm in gnome, anyway?
asgAmarande: no, but it comes with one
abrotmanno .. gnome is not a wm
maddashAmarande: metacity
that's nice to know
maddashall these jiggly windows....makes me want to squeeze and fondle them.
Amarandemaddash, you may want to make sure your monitor/video card are ok ;)
actionasg prefers his rxvts when they don't jiggle
asgprefers his rxvts when they don't jiggle
rissywhat's the difference between a desktop enviroment and window manager than?
Amarandespeaking of desktop environments
what does the K in K Desktop Environment stand for?
asgrissy: the former usually has integration functionality (i.e., drag-n-drop, interprocess communication plumbing, etc.)
Amarande: Klunky
actionAmarande has a feeling the answer may be "it stands for K" :|
Amarandehas a feeling the answer may be "it stands for K" :|
maddashrissy: DE = WM + {load of crud}
rissyasg, ah okay.
communication between the wm and x server or?
DocPlatypusAmarande: it used to stand for "Kool" but now stands just for "K"
asgrissy: you actually don't need a wm at all. You can just start X and an xterm and manage your windows (move/resize) with ALT+Left Button (move), ALT+Right Button (resize)
rissyasg, i'm aware of that

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