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omriwell, maybe I will some day :P
I'm only 19
kairu0omri, once you turn 18, right? hehe
squisheromri: alcohol is a drug, so is tobacco
omrikairu0, been there, didn't do that :P
squisher, not by definition
squisheromri: Ha, by what definition?
omriwell, people's definition :)
jmdWhen I get ' ==> Modified (by you or by a script) since installation.' messages, isn't there a way to use merge(1) to fix it?
squisheromri: Then I urge you to change that definition :-) Marijuana is by no means as dangerous as either alcohol or tobacco
omriwell, still...
just like pork is not kosher
litagethe package stunnel is stunnel v3 and replaces stunnel4. however, the package stunnel4 is stunnel v4, and in the package description, says "Stunnel 4.x is more actively maintained upstream". why would v3 replace v4 if (a) v4 is newer, and (b) v4 is more actively maintained?
squisheromri: no really. What happens if you dont' stop drinking? Your liver fails and you die. What happens if you don't stop smoking? You fall asleep.
omrinot that I give a ****, but I've been raised that way and been taught not to eat that
squisher, everything you do in your life has some danger
if you don't want to take risks, die :)
Vasisthaomri: did you know that one drop of nicotine is a lethal dose? And we all know that excessive drinking can kill a person within hours. otoh, there is no known lethal dose of thc. Noone has ever died from it.
omriyou chose the risks you take
I chose not to smoke pot
raf256omri: so in general in your coutry smoking/drugs are legal but alcohol isnt? heh :)
omriwell, THC messes up with your memory
mfrisc1Vasistha: what's up stoner ;-)
squisheromri: sure, I'm not arguing against that, all I'm saying is that there is no reason to put marijuana on a different level than alcohol or tobacco
Roninsquisher: lol boy is that wrong marijuna is just as bad as any other drug
raf256stoned: hi
AzarVasistha: some months ago was on the news on TV a girl died from drinking too much water at a radio contest. Water is lethal too
Roninincluding the pint im having right now
omrino, tabaco is legal, drugs aren't
squisheromri: excessive drinking messes with your memory too
omriby drags I mean marijuhana, hashish, xtc, lsd, etc
Vasisthaomri: the salient point here is that tobacco is a drug of sorts ;)
Azarstoned :)
squisherRonin: well, sure, all I'm arguing is that it's not worse than alcohol etc.
Roninomri: legal doesnt mean safe or good for you
omriof course it doesn't
VasisthaAzar: I think something like 1 gallon of water in less than half an hour can kill you
omrilike downloading MP3s on kazaa ;)
actionRonin however does think theis should move to #debian-offtopic
Roninhowever does think theis should move to #debian-offtopic
actionkairu0 only smokes weed from the repositories
kairu0only smokes weed from the repositories

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