#debian - Sun 20 May 2007 between 00:01 and 00:14

dexomsrcvsftpd question: I have local_users set to 'NO' in vsftpd.conf (because I want system user logins disabled) and virtual users with different passwrod set up with PAM... how do I configure each virtual user to have its own home directory?
GhostlyDeath!damn ALSA
actiondpkg sends ALSA to the deepest circle of hell, reserved for mutineers and betrayers.
dpkgsends ALSA to the deepest circle of hell, reserved for mutineers and betrayers.
GhostlyDeathALSA never starts correctly
amphidoes here
purplepenguinswhat is your sound chipset?
I have never had ALSA problems with my SBLive!
Miles_ProwerEllo Ello! my server's not up atm, but my laptop is. XD I'm using the onboard and a USB1.1 nic to route. XD
drivers in the kernel?
GhostlyDeathi mean alsa loads
branstromGuerin, I get this error: Couldn't stat source package list http://www.backports.org etch-backports/non-free Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/www.backports.org_debian_dists_etch-backports_non-free_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)
GhostlyDeathbut no sound goes out of the speakers
I fix alsa but it messes up after a reboot
branstromWhat's up with that, is the backports server down?
GhostlyDeathpurplepenguins: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio
pablo__hi, is swfmill required in order to compile gnash?
purplepenguinshmm, try checking your modules for intel-8x0
by `lsmod | grep intel-8x0`
GhostlyDeathit's hda-intel not intel-8x0
well, then hda-intel
SlackRatdid alsa store after you configured it?
GhostlyDeathIt used to work then something happened
I could restart X and it might work
LinuxNITSlackRat, i had to change the driver from "mouse" to "evdev" in case you wanted to know
dc3aeswondering if theres a flag for wget that will help me download typical files which are distributed from popular sites through html redirects.. e.g. most of us find our packages via sourceforge or similar mirror-type distrib sites then I right click the URL and wget it in my SSH console but often it downloads the html file it refers too.. is there a way to force wget to follow the header or something? thx.
SlackRatLinixNIT, so it worked? cool
LinuxNITyes it did
a linux gamer helpd me lol
SlackRatso many mice, so many generic names across the nix world, heh
congrats, have fun
purplepenguinsmice are really simple devices though
in theory
actionLinuxNIT places his xorg.conf in an archive for safe keeping
LinuxNITplaces his xorg.conf in an archive for safe keeping
purplepenguinsoh yeah
SlackRatso long as theyre correctly configured into the system

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