#debian - Sat 19 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:03

jetscreameri saw ubuntu books in borders
SlackRatdebian ftw
|HellTiger|for wich development ?
jetscreamereven an ubuntu for dummies
musyac/c++ software
SlackRatjetscreamer, thats redundant
musyaSlackRat: ftw? whats that?
SlackRatfor the win
actiondpkg breaks into the front and goes FOR THE WIN
dpkgbreaks into the front and goes FOR THE WIN
|HellTiger|musya then take debian =) not ubuntu
musyawhy you say that?
SlackRatubuntu does use alot of python and focuses on it in their developement.....but there mostly debian devs originally
|HellTiger|ubunutu is for newbies
musyawhat about freebsd? i heard its good?
|HellTiger|its like suse
SlackRatubuntu doesnt come with a compiler installed
and has broken dependencies when you try to install gcc
musyafor c++?
well thats easy to install
Caelumanyone using vmware workstation 6 and unstable? I recently upgraded and now I get an undefined symbol :(
|HellTiger|debian etch netinstall desktop. all you need
musyaso you think debian is a more stable release for development?
SlackRat(kinda like this friggen broken dep i got on fortune, atm....hmn)
of course
DavidProck1982is there a way to mount a .bin file? (a cd image)
then which disc do i need for the minimal install?
SlackRatubuntu rips off snapshots of unstable for their release cycle
musyatheres like 20 in the list?
disc1, 2 etc...
SlackRatnetinstall, if you wanna install from the net
130 or so mb??
musyaim running ubuntu now
SlackRatthe first cd will get you up and running
Guerinmusya: you have my condolences
SlackRatmy condolences

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